Monday, August 23, 2010

First Blog Award!!!

The delectable and lovely Jen from Style Through Her Eyes just awarded us with a beaaaaautiful blogging award!!! Jessica and I are VERY VERY grateful and excited, since this is our first blog award and we've enjoyed Jen's posts and comments so very much :) The only rules for accepting the award is that I must give it to ten bloggers I adore...and post with a list of ten things I adore...shan't be too hard :)

<><><> TEN THINGS: <><><>
1) H&M--every time I go to this store, I find something to buy! Most recent purchase was a pair of soft, sleek jeans with a dark wash and perfectly placed back pockets ;)

2) Coffee mugs--we have such a random collection in our apartment! Jess, Kileen, and I collect them like there's no tomorrow. If you ever want a hot drink from a kitschy vintage mug...well, just hop on over :)

3) Vanilla--hands down, it's the best taste and smell. I use vanilla scented everything, from body wash to lotion to chapstick. I just think it's timeless and not too overpowering. And vanilla lattes? Vanilla teas? Vanilla tootsie rolls? Oh so delish.

4) Leather belts--you can jazz up an outfit (and make it oh-so-flattering) by just tossing on a leather belt. They come in every width, colour, style, and buckle design! I love to mix and match them with different outfits, which is cheap since you can find great vintage ones at Goodwill for $1 :)

5) Alabama Crimson Tide--yes, it's true. You might never guess it, and I always said I would NEVER say this...but I'm an honest to gracious Alabama football fan. It started with my boyfriend, true, but I've developed quite an interest on my own. And on lazy days I even wear the sweatshirts. Goodness.

6) Red--this is the hands-down best colour in the world. It definitely indicates my personality since I'm very passionate, artistic, "vibrant", expressive, strong-willed, and romantic. But it also just really attracts my eye. I love red clothes and bedding and dishes and far as I'm concerned, if I'm buying something (whether it's a scarf or a school folder) the colour of choice is always rouge

7) Disney Classics--I know Jen already mentioned this, but I absolutely ADORE the old-school Disney films! And not just cause they're "vintage"...I just think they are so darling/sweet compared to the inanity/poor messages of the newer flicks. Of course my personal favourites are Beauty and the Beast and 101 Dalmatians!

8) British Spelling--it's a habit of mine that I've come to quite fancy <3 I think I've always used British spellings because I grew up reading soooooooo much classic literature, especially from Great Britain. For me, the spelling that naturally comes to mind is always the English english...and to be perfectly honest, now I like it so much that I'm not willing to break the habit.

9) Writing Poetry--the thing is, I'm not that great :( But I was thinking last night that I actually ought to post a couple of my favourite poems on my blog posts...just to share them with someone! I've gotten really into writing the past two years at college and it's been very stress-relieving (as well as tons of fun). I just love playing with words and sounds and formatting to convey the emotions or thoughts that are swirling around in my crazy brain.

10) Coffee News Cafe--it's my favourite local place to eat. I could eat there EVERY day and not get tired of the incredible food/drinks! Bottomless ice tea all summer (delightful on sunny days), amazing lattes and chai tea in the winter--how can a girl go wrong? Plus they have a half gourmet-half cafe menu that makes your tongue very happy, including sauted garlic fries and grilled swiss w basil aoli and tomatoes :) Not to mention Coffee News is a great place to watch people! The variety of ages, types, styles, and personalities is unrivaled by any coffee shop I've been to...huge bonus for this confessed people-watching addict!

<><><> TEN BLOGGERS (well 1st half!) <><><>

Weeeeelll...I'll let Jess post her Ten Likes and name 5 bloggers tomorrow. Til then, have a lovely week <3


  1. This was so fun to read. I am with you on pretty much all of this. Especially the British spelling thing. I just find it so humourous, and it adds so much colour to my ordinary typing. Oh, ha ha.

  2. Aww, you're too sweet! I love your blog and felt you definitely deserved it.

    H&M is one of my favorite places to shop! Nice to meet another Disney fan too ;)

  3. I love British spelling and Red too. It's funny because I am usually typing away on blogger an receiving ugly red lines on words like colour and neighbourhood etc, because in American English there is no U in them, silly really. But Long live English English.

    Love from Toronto, Canada.