Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hello, all...

Well, dah-lings. TwoforTea has run it's course and finished well. But what with life changes like graduation, marriage, moving, jobs, and so forth...well...Jessica and Cambria have decided the joint blogging days are yesteryear. While we are still the closest of friends and both style afficiandos, it's just too difficult to share a blog when we're not sharing a closet and a schedule!!!

BUT I (Cambria)am now moving on to a new personal blog. I've titled it "Jupe" and I'm planning on updating at least four times a week, or as much as possible.

So if you don't mind switching your allegiance to a new name and blog face, stop by and check the new one out :)

<3 Cambria

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Honeymooning, Honey

Just a few quick shots from the honeymoon today!

I had so much fun looking taking and looking at these photos because they were all with a disposable camera. You know that age-old thing about brides forgetting to pack toiletries on their honeymoon? Well, heck, I had plenty of those--I just plumb forgot a camera. Gracious. But as it turned out, the kinda grainy, washed-out, crooked look of these photos really amps up the vintage feel we had for our wedding. So I'm IN LOVE with them!!!

<3 Cambria

Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm Married...I'm Mrs. Jones!!!

Well, ladies...
The illustrious day has finally passed.

The wedding march has played (with beautiful violin and piano, nonetheless).
Almond cakes have been eaten,
pinstripes have been well worn,
aaaaaaand I've had my first kiss :*

So here's a quick selection of photos right off the bat for you to enjoy! More to follow, if you so please! Comment and let me know what you think/what you'd like to see.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Heavens to Betsy!!!!!

Oh my stars and garters...
Hello blog! Sorry to have neglected you... Lots has happened since we last blogged...
In a nutshell...I'll add more pictures for your viewing pleasure later.

1. Roisters-the annual theater banquet...also an excuse to dress a little nutty and do strange things that only people in the theater world, a balloon parade through downtown. Alas, in all the craziness, C and I didn't get a picture together on our camera... So, here's one of me and Nate, unintentionally matching.

2. We hung out with Shasta from The Traveling Cabinet and made bracelets for darling children and a great cause... Check out the link here
Isn't she lovely? :)

Here we are...looking a tad awkward. And the bracelets, not looking awkward. :)

3. Cambria graduated!!! I don't have a picture of her...but, this is pretty much the same thing... ;)

4. We moved out of our beloved apartment.

5. Caitlin went home to Washington state, because she's getting married in FIVE DAYS!!!!! EEK!
And I bet you all are wondering what the stylish couple wears when they go out on a rainy morning?

Aren't they just the cutest?
They love each other. So great.

6. I also wore clothes out in the rain...want to see that? ;)

Don't mind the rain drops...they didn't hurt.

Whew. That was a lot of catching up. I know I missed I'll fill you in as we go along.
Thanks for not ditching might get a little crazy around here in the next couple weeks, what with weddings happening left and right... Stay tuned!!

Jessica :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hello, Dah-ling: Sailing to Rome

Have you ladies seen this gorgeous new summer dresses from Shabby Apple? Now, I know that I've bragged on their sweet and classy styles before...but these two new collections are really stunning. I think I'd wear 'em every day this season if I could only buy that many new dresses :)

For My lovely roommates are throwing me a "friends" bridal shower tonight. And for another instance tomorrow...when my mom's pastor's wife (isn't that complicated) is throwing me a "church ladies" bridal shower. I just realllly am craving some Shabby Apple to wear!

Top two favs at the moment for the bridal shower scene:

Toe the Line from the Set Sail collection...not only is this the perfect relaxed little dress for a casual shower, but it's gearing riiiiiight up for the summer weather we've finally had here in Minnesota :)

Palatine Hill from the Roamin Holiday collection...perfect for an old-fashioned church brunch shower, yes? And then I could wear it out on the town to celebrate later at night. Told you it was versatile :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dreams are nothing more than wishes...

It's here. The last two weeks before finals and our lives are suddenly even more of a whirlwind...and I know this because I have seen the walls of the library more than I have seen my roommates. :(
Oh, the life of a college student, right?
This outfit I am wearing is actually what I am wearing for a skit I am in. I love this has pockets and that 1950's silhouette that I just can't resist (Cambria can't either; she bought the same one!), I can't wait to wear it this summer! :)

Until tomorrow my dears,