Friday, October 1, 2010

Missing the Pretty Lady Across the Hall

I'm feeling slightly better today...only fits of coughing...

But I'm missing my roommate! Caitlin left to visit her boyfriend's family for the weekend and I didn't even get to see goodbye :( She will, of course, be having fun up north with him...and I will, of course, be happy on her behalf. Except that I'm not a huge fan of deer hunting :D

Do you have any favourite fall activities?
Mine's the apple orchard and taking walks in the brisk autumn air!!!

<3 Cambria

Thursday, September 30, 2010

*Cough* *Cough*

Today is definitely, definitely a sick day. As in, I have a fever and can't stop coughing and only occasionally breathe day. But at least I have a good reason to stay home and take a breather from the daily schedule, sitting on the couch with a pile of homework and some Lemon Lift :)

This is the DARLING RED COAT that I got for my birthday...and oh boy, do I love it!!! Aren't I fortunate to have a Boyfriend with such good taste? I want to wear it every day...but I'm trying to limit myself...

On other news, I got a poem published in the school writing journal and I'm very, very excited to see it in print in a few weeks. I'll share it with you!

June 24, 2006

I think when death is slow, it aches
like cold ice cream against your teeth,
which I’m spooning into your mouth because you are helpless;
such a strange juxtaposition to memories, the present—
cradling these fragile bones beneath the lucent skin of your hands,
colourless but for the violet shimmer of your veins
like the paths of light on bubbles
in your kitchen sink—I was a baby taking a bath cuddled in your hands.

And the room has a smell that
tastes of dark chocolate and the sea, two loves;
licks of happiness across my tongue or
swirling around my limbs, a salty caress
warm from the light of the sun, buoying
me up, effortless, like being wrapped in strong arms—
I want to have them always
and you by my side.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sestinas and Pantoums

Right at the moment, my brain is flooded with poems. I feel like writing a rhyming entry for the blog...but I shan't, just to keep my sanity :D I've just finished a homework assignment for my writing of poetry class where I read just zillions of pantoums, sestinas, villanelles, and sonnets--fortunately, I love poetry! Now I'm looking forward to writing my own pantoum in the next couple days. Any ideas for subject matter???

On another note, I'm very much loving tea this week :) I'm fighting a cold bug, so I'm just downing the chai and rooiobus and Bigelow Lemon Lift!!! My favourite part of drinking tea is choosing a new mug each time...just like clothes, I have to EXACTLY match my choice to my mood. Right now I'm drinking out of a smooth, creamy, sleek little mug with the prettiest curved handle (whatever that says about me?!).

Alright...back to homework...
<3 Cambria

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hum Drum, Mumblety Peg

After the joyful stressless-ness of the weekend and the deeeeelightful evening I had with my girls...getting back into homework feels like a major drag. Let me just tell you. Plus, I lost my favourite fall weather today and had to dress for the 70-degree highs! Alas, when will I be able to pull out my tights again?!

But on the positive side, the Boyfriend and I had a lovely dinner together this was one of those nights when we just couldn't stop laughing between bites!!! I just love giggle fits...especially when you're in love <3

What article of clothing are you longing to pull out and wear for cold weather?

<3 Cambria

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Great Britain, Here Cometh I

Mmmmm there is a wonderful burst of cold Autumn sunshine today...and I'm enjoying it very much. Not that I'm spending much time outside, mind you! Too much homework for that, just irresistibly beckoning to me. When you fall for homework, you fall hard :D Oh thesis paper outline, how doth I love thee...

BUT I have wonderful motivation to finish this load of scholarly-ness because my lovely girls are taking me out for my birthday tonight. We are going to BRIT'S PUB!!! I'm sooooooooo excited...I've always wanted to go!!! Brit's Pub is right downtown in the heart of the city and is basically as close to Britain as you can get without actually going there :) Which sounds like heaven to me...

Anywho, what with the outing and all, today will be a double-outfit day. So expect some pics tomorrow!!!

<3 Cambria