Thursday, December 30, 2010

You Were Warned

Here are my most recent post-Christmas steals...a $54 skirt from Urban Oufitters that I bought for FIVE DOLLARS...and a lovely white angora cardigan that I found for $10 at Old Navy (and had a gift card).

Sometimes I feel like a frog when I wear these green tights...but I just love that sage colour, it matches with so much. And I get so tired of wearing black, cream, and gray tights! Subtly-coloured tights add a totally new dimension to any outfit, I think...don't you??? Or maybe you just think I look like a frog :P

And as I warned you...that necklace is making another appearance. Told you so. I'm stuck on it!

On a totally different note, these boots are wondrously's been pouring rain all day...but I've been hopping through puddles quite comfortably :) I don't know how I could ever wear regular shoes during the Minnesota winters. Boots are just so cozy and warm and dry!

<3 Cambria

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The New Deal

Finally, today settled back into a normal routine! I got to see the fiance (five days without seeing him really does a number on me) and got in some after-Christmas shopping. Aren't gift cards wonderful??? AND clearance racks???

This sweater is from Forever 21...little secret, I often buy sweaters in an XL or L even though I wear an XS. That way they have a little more Bohemian or vintage feel to them...and I love the comfort level :)

Also, I found this necklace at Old Navy (somewhere I really never shop). It was on the 75% off rack! I've been dying to have a chunky gold chain necklace for some time, and really loved the double-strand design with the smaller chains woven into the larger one. So versatile. I don't why, exactly, but I'm just really stuck on this necklace right now! So be prepared to see more of it soon...

On that note, be prepared to see the rest of my sale-rack-gift-card deals this week :D What was the best after-Christmas sale YOU found?

<3 Cambria

Monday, December 27, 2010

Wrap Me Warm...

Today I thought I would follow suit with the gorgeous and gifted Victoria at Justice Pirate...who recently posted on how she stays warm in the cold. Here are my coat buying criteria:

1--I definitely live in a cold climate (we've had record-breaking snow this December), so I have to bundle sometimes! Must have a warm, chunky this red one I bought for $8 at Express :)

2--I have TMJ, which is a condition where your jaw joint swells and/or gets locked if it gets too cold. Must have a hat that is versatile, covers my ears, and looks adorably this Target 30s-inspired black one :) Plus, it has a bow.

3--Vintage is my mantra, so I must have a coat with at least a nod to the glory this Express coat with the glamourous Old Hollywood movie-star collar :)

4--Since I walk to school year-round and often in skirts, I must have a long coat to keep my legs warm...LOVE the way this one flatters my hour-glass shape with its cinched waist and flared skirt :)

P.S. Please DO head on over to Tashrin, blog of the beautiful Trishna...she recently featured me!!! Check out the photos and my interview HERE!!!

<3 Cambria
<3 Cambria

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas: Part 3

Not gonna lie...I'm cheating! These pics are from the 23rd...we celebrated Christmas/my mom's birthday all on one day :) This is my darling sister and I at the tea shop having Christmas tea...

I LOVED the Wedding brew tea...and NO, NOT JUST BECAUSE I'M GETTING MARRIED. How dare you suggest it?! It was a lovely blend of mallow blossom, lavender, and vanilla.

P.s. This necklace was my special Christmas gift from the beautiful Jessica...oh my word, it's peerrrrrrrrrrrfect!!! Did you notice that it's TWO FOR TEA?!?!?! Two tea cups and a teabag charm :) I cried when she gave it to me. I'm just blessed with such awesome sister-friends.

<3 Cambria

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas: Part 2

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Just a casual, thrown-together outfit today because we're busy baking and shoveling and wrapping gifts!!!

This cardigan and headband were actually gifts yesterday from my fiance's sister, Regan...who is absolutely gorgeous, absolutely talented, absolutely brilliant, and has absolutely impeccable taste :) The cardigan is the most gorgeous shade of steel-y grey and has darling little crystal buttons. Perfect with the ditsy floral print on the headband!

Me and the fiance had quite a lovely Christmas and got our first "future home" gifts.
Mmmmm...have to get back to my toffee...Merry Christmas Eve again!!!

<3 Cambria

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hello, Dah-ling--Cinnamon Bone

I believe I am going to institute a new kind of post for this blog...the "Hello, Dah-ling"...Picture an elegant New York socialite of the 50s spreading wide her perfectly gloved arms and greeting a friend with suave delight :D Which, roughly translated, means that I have something exciting I want to share with y'all. So here's the first one:

I just discovered this lovely video on Youtube, thanks to my fellow blogger and artiste Anna at Classically Romantic. Thought I'd share it with y'all :)

Believe it or not, this very talented young lady sang her song BACKWARDS while this video was that when the film was reversed, the song sounded like it was sung forward! If you can wrap your mind around that poor articulation of mine, I think you'll be duly impressed. This is not the only fascinating facet of Eliza Rickman's singing...her unique artistry and sense of style are also a delight :)


<3 Cambria

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas: Part 1

For those of you who don't know, I come from a broken home...which means my Christmases are also broken into multiple parts! Yesterday I spent the day with my dad and step-mom, eating turkey dinner, opening presents, and making a trip out for some coffee and shopping :)

I got a Forever 21 gift card...should be able to do some fun shopping after break! Also a Caribou Coffee gift card for my caffeinated studying needs *mmmm* And when we went shopping, my step-mom bought me the shirt/dress you see in these pictures (it only cost $10, so cheap)!

Yes, I know. Another plaid item. Another dress. Another cardigan-esque style. I really didn't need anything like this...But the colours are so russety and jewel-y and rich...and it excites me that I can wear it with jeans, tights, over a dress, under a sweater. So don't judge :D

What is the cheapest item on your Christmas list this year?

<3 Cambria

Friday, December 17, 2010

Out of My Mind (but in the Office)

ALERT--My brain is absolutely dead! I've just finished up finals this week (lots of memorizing and crampy wrists from writing)...and over the past three days have put in about 22 hours of TA work. I'm posting some rather narcissistic "in the office" posts today, since I'm just sitting her grading. But you can kinda see my cute plaid dress :)

I have seen so many grade percentages, I'm dreaming in numbers :D On the plus side, however, my brain is also chock-full of swell historical information:

Bach's primary musical instrument to play was actually the organ.

The most powerful Ancient Assyrian queen was Semuramat, who ruled for her husband Shamshi-Adad V and her son Adad-Nirari III...get a load of those names!!!

Anne Boleyn refused to be the mistress of Henry VIII...which probably was the reason he decided to marry her...and later behead her.

Edith Wharton writes the most masterful social commentary in her novel, The Age of Innocence (gorgeous costumes in the movie, too!!!).

The Russian word for excellent is "molodyetz" :)

Have you learned anything new recently?!

<3 Cambria

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meet Cambria

So I decided that since my number of followers is slowly but steadily creeping up (thanks everybody!!), I should probably properly introduce myself (for starters, I obviously love alliteration).

I'm 21 and *newly engaged* to the handsome Drayton Wesley, with whom I like to study history, read books, people watch, swing dance, explore the cities, and take funny face pictures.

I live with three wonderful roommates, one of whom shares this blog with me (when she's around). Jess and I have the most jolly of times and she is QUITE dear to me!

I used to be a classical ballet dancer and actually thought that's what I was going to do with my life. But instead, I chose to major in history at a private college...where I discovered that I have a love for THEATRE!!! My two favourite roles so far have been Abigail Williams in The Crucible and Emily Webb in Our Town.

And for a few other random quickies...
1) I recently had a poem published...well, in our school's semi-annual publication :)
2) I love speaking in random accents...Southern, Irish, British, Cockney, Russian, etc.
3) Our favourite room movie is "Night at the Museum 2"...and we once watched it 6 times in two weeks!
4) I can't multi-task AT ALL and it drives everyone nuts...don't expect me to listen to anything you say if I'm doing hw, and if I'm carrying on a conversation with you, texting will be impossible.
5) I hardly spend anything on clothes.

<3 Cambria

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Tonight Jess and I attended the annual Theatre Department Christmas Soiree...which is so much fun and cheer!!!

I met old friends there...

And had sweet hair...kudos to Jessica :)

Naturally we wore smashingly absurd outfits...full of festive flavour...

The makeup also was smashing. You can't quite tell in this pic (Jess is a bit distracting), but I had a pair of fabulously chic cat-eyes and very smoky "oompf" to my eyelids :)

All in all, it was a wonderful way to break up the middle of finals week and start the HOLIDAY CHEER!!!

<3 Cambria

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow Emergency

I'm terrifically sorry that I don't have my final 30 for 30 post ready to go...I did wear my last *hooray* outfit on Friday, but I didn't get pictures.


Because a blizzard ensued. And while we were driving to my apartment to take pictures, the fiance's car stalled...on a the cold...So needless to say, by the time we got it charged and running, it was rather too cold/dark to capture my final outfit.

So in lieu of said outfit, I'm posting a photo from rather a long time ago. Not the best, but you know...Work with it.

<3 Cambria

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Traveling Cabinet Giveaway!!

Hey guys! You have got to check out this fabulous Etsy shop! here
Our dear friend Shasta makes the most amazing clutches, and you can win one from Jessica at A Few of My Favorite Things. Follow this linkhere and follow the instructions!!

I knoooow you will love what she's made! Go right now! :)


Thursday, December 9, 2010

28/29 of 30: School's Out

Tomorrow is officially the last day of this semester!!! Praise the Lord!!! I will still have finals week next week (lots of tests and grading for my TA job)...but Christmas Break is practically arrived. And I'm quite excited for the holidays.

Knitted my fiance a scarf for one of his's lovely stripes of "Cambridge Gray" and a deep maroon colour. He will look cute. It's a win-win present :)

I'm tasting ravioli with vodka sauce for the first time. Mmmmmm falling in love <3

And now I'm off...because I'm going with my lovely roommate Caitlin (yes, you got another mention, dear) to order her wedding dress!!!

<3 Cambria

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

26/27 of 30: Studies in Self-Timer

Kinda went Bohemian today. And layered my can change the colour of thinner tights by layering them. I've put these over black to make them darker and red to give them an auburn shade. It's pretty fun :) Plus it's warmer in this climate!!!

Kinda running out of remix ideas...for the first time today. Which is actually pretty darn good considering that I only have 3 outfits left :)

Kinda did a lot of homework preparing for finals...but also had a lot of fun cooking dinner with my lovely Fiance. Drayton had sun-dried tomato alfredo with shells (his favourite pasta), and I had boneless buffalo wings and veggies.

Kinda got chilled to the bone today too...even with double-layered tights!!! I'm envious of you bloggers in warmer climates where you can find people willing to stand outside and take pictures of you. Psh.

I also kinda hit a point of realization that I'm graduating next semester. I'm almost done with my last Fall semester of college EVER!!! Oh my word, it's such a strange thought...and I'm realizing that I'm really going to miss my classes. REALLY going to miss the learning experience and just filling my head with history.

<3 Cambria