Friday, September 17, 2010

Tears and Rain (and Wind)

Don't you LOVE that last blooper picture?! So embarrassing, heavens above.

To begin with...exciting news of the day...we won a blog giveaway!!! The lovely Tashrin hosted a giveaway for a quite pretty necklace just a couple weeks ago, and just notified Jess and I that we won :) So you will be seeing that in a future blog post (heavens, so many reasons to stay tuned).

As far as thoughts of the day? I have a couple:

1--Homework is HARD as HECK. Can I just say that again? HARD as HECK.

2--Strengthsfinder told me that my top five are Input, Learner, Intellection, Responsibility, and Context. I'm still trying to figure out what this means, beyond the fact that I'm a hopeless intellectual who isn't grounded in reality and has no hope of a future job. Hey, at least I'm responsible...

<3 Cambria

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Miss Chelsea!!!

Today is the birthday of a truly stylish and lovely of our readers...drum roll...Miss Chelsea :) So Happy Birthday to her on her 19th!!! It's going to be a special year!!! And as soon as the truly cold weather rolls around, we're planning a blog post featuring some gorgeous hats that Chelsea knitted and sent to us :) So stick around...

On other news, it's Friday tomorrow. Sigh of relief. I've checked out 30+ books this week for my history thesis paper and I'm just swimming in homework! I shouldn't take any time off tomorrow, but I think I will just for mental sanity...fair enough? Then next week I can really get down and dirty with all this research :)

P.s. History really is exciting, I promise.

<3 Cambria

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Channeling Audrey

I borrowed Jess' shirt today...her BURBERRY thrifted shirt!!! This plaid print is just soooooo comfy and cute. There's something to be said for expensive brands sometimes, the fabric quality is just so much better. I love the soft but heavy feel of Burberry plaid, and it was very cozy on such a cool, rainy day :)

I'm getting very excited to travel to Atlanta later this semester!!! Today I found out that I get to share my hotel room with another female archaeology "fan"...looking forward to geeking out with her a little. Plus I can tell she has awesome style.

Also, my birthday is fast approaching...and I have my eye on some shoes that I'd like to buy with my gift money :D More on that in just a week or so!

<3 Cambria

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Whoop-dee-doo-di-doo-di (Part 2)

Very tiring day today...not much to post, to be honest! On the bright side, my thesis paper proposition approved. I will be contrasting the feminism of Hannah More and Mary Wollstonecraft and exploring the influence of the Enlightenment upon both of them--and their influence upon Victorian Britain. Three cheers and all that! :)

Of course the highlight of today was taking advantage of the last warm evenings to walk to a nearby lake with the Boyfriend <3 Quite charming to sit together and talk in the moonlight! He's a swell, swell kind of guy!

<3 Cambria

Monday, September 13, 2010


Shall we just say that today was a mixed bag? Mondays are just never the best, since you're still scrambling to pick up from the weekend and move back into a busy week's schedule. Besides which, so much homework is due on Mondays...naturally on the day when your brain is least functional!

I did have fun in poetry class today, however, and thought I'd share a new poem with you all :)

nothing (absolutely nothing)
is as good unless you’re sharing it—

open up any book,
stacks of words I want to read together,
two voices in turn, two voices rise and fall;
they dye and weave and
all stories become just another fabric
of the texture of our own realities.

a keening I know would catch your throat as it catches mine—
want you next to me, eyes bluer than any lake,
more like the sea,
and I’d find in them my same yearning,
an inside mourning for some place,
some where,
we both belong with salt taste on our tongues.

<3 Cambria
P.s. These are pics from the coffee shop yesterday :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Today is a lovely, lazy day :) My treasure of a roommate Kileen and I are exploring a new coffee shop and doing homework together. We actually wanted to try the "Matchbox"--but discovered upon arrival that said coffee shop is literally the size of a matchbox. Definitely not conducive to doing homework, unless you fancy using your laptop standing up. So we've migrated slightly farther down the road to Diamonds. I have yet to purchase a drink...but I can tell you that there are absolutely ADORABLE lamps on every table. Mine, for instance, has a ram!!!

I will have to post pics of this tomorrow. But for is the outfit I wore to church this morning :) Yes *drum roll* the first of my H&M purchases. Oh joy, large-pocketed skirt.

<3 Cambria

What's your favourite coffee drink?