Saturday, February 27, 2010

All my pictures seem to fade to black and white...

C: Since J posted on her style influences yesterday, I thought I'd add to that discussion. Although honestly that might be tricky, since I don't think I have anything or anyone in particular that I consider an influence! I've always loved Audrey's fashion, tis true, and I've given her a nod here or there :) But I tend to just pick up inspiration when I'm walking down the street, pass a shop window at the mall, see an old 40s film, stroll through an art museum, etc. I just like certain colours, shapes, textures, and patterns and I've learned to love experimenting with layers. I like my clothes/accessories to be unique, to resemble somehow the flavour of some bygone era. I usually opt for something elegant and sophisticated, a la Audrey...or something sweet, soft, and feminine. I think the things I've learned to notice (and care most about) are details--sometimes just the shape of a couple buttons will make or break a blouse for me :)

{Target tiny-pocket lilac boyfriend tee, Target (kids!) royal blue ribbed, lacey camisole, Express boyfriend jeans, Target bow socks, Payless patent leather loafers, Wet Seal silver bow necklace}

Hello there!
What a lovely Saturday it is today! I am sitting in a coffee shop downtown, up in the loft- which happens to be the best place to "people watch" (glorified creeping...probably one of my favorite ways to waste time :) )and it is a great time! I just finished my yummy rose lemonaid and working on trying to finish some homework...story of our life.
True confession: the photo posted of me is not actually what I am wearing today! *gasp!* It's actually an outfit I wore to placements for one of my education classes. It is definitely a "teacher" outfit. ;)
I really love that scarf, although I find it tricky to wear with things. It is HUGE and sometimes can feel a tad overwhelming...
oh well, I still wear it and love it :)

Now, get off this blasted internet and do something fun and exciting today!


+Grey oxford cardigan from American Eagle, purple and khaki plaid scarf from American Eagle, white tee from Target, khaki skirt from Target, black tights from Target, black heels from Goodwill+

Friday, February 26, 2010


C: [Somehow missed a closeup of my plaid, sorry!] Well here we are on a (glorious) Friday afternoon!!! Tonight J and I are having a select and wonderful group of friends over to watch Night at the Museum 2. I know, I know, it's a silly kid movie--but for those of us who savour the delights of history, it's enough humour to make us cry. Not to mention I can do a pretty swell impersonation of Kahmunrah ;) Anywho...twill be a nice break from writing a philosophy paper and a good breath before I dive underneath my loads of midterms homework this weekend. Yech. Well, have a lovely weekend, dear readers <3

{Penney's plaid button-down shirt $3, Express ReRock jeans $10, Wet Seal boots}

I know I mentioned this in an earlier post, but, about 6 or 7 years ago I was in the musicals Bye Bye Birdie and Grease and fell in love with the fashion of the 1950s. I was that "goofy girl" in 6th grade wearing saddle shoes, scarves in her hair, and desperately resisting the urge to wear her poodle skirt in public (even then I realized that was a tad too much). Thankfully my love wasn't stifled and I have learned to express my adoration for decades of yesteryear, without necessarily being that "goofy girl." This outfit is really fun and really more of a spring time/ summer outfit and I feel like I should be on my way to catch a movie at the drive-thru (love that!). The red earrings, I feel, can be a bit much (from grandma Delores) ...and they are fairly heavy,but there is something about them that I love!

As much as I adore the fifties, it is only a drop in the bucket as far as my style inspiration goes. It started with Bye Bye Birdie and has hopped to the Swinging Twenties, random ideas from fellow fashion bloggers, my roommate C, my grandma, girls on campus, you get the picture. Basically, in the words of my mother, I love clothes! Perhaps a tad too much... but either way. My style is always changing and evolving and so I need to shop to keep up with those changes. :)

Enough chatter about clothes...I'm off to watch the ever lovely, style icon Audrey Hepburn in her film, Wait Until Dark... it's amazing! If you haven't seen it, go out now and watch it! (Do what we do, take advantage of the free Netflix trial-2 weeks for free!)

**black and white plaid tunic from Penney's, skinny jeans from American Eagle, black flats from American Eagle, red earrings from grandma Delores

Thursday, February 25, 2010

An Itsy Bitsy Spider

C: I couldn't help but think of the isty-bitsy spider today...being washed out of the spout...since it's warm and sunny and melty! Funny how weather here in the Midwest changes drastically day by day. Perhaps that's why I've been missing the ocean lately *sigh* and wishing I could just sit on a white sand beach and listen to seagulls! But enough of that. I do have something to look forward to this evening, despite the snow--I'm going to attend a musical with my boyfriend and my roomie. This is mostly exciting because I get to dress up...going for the LBD look, but jazzing it up (pun intended) with some 20s-style accessories :)
{Forever21 flowered tunic dress, gifted red tights, cabled brown knee highs, Wet Seal boots}

So, I have been wanted a classic khaki trench for quite some time now and have had my eyes on this one from Target- good price and I really like the length, although I am a tad unsure about the color. Perhaps I want one in a lighter shade of khaki? Either way, I adore this outfit. I have been waiting since December for a chance to use this darling umbrella and it makes me ever so happy! I also love the pearl choker with it which is yet another goody from great-grandma Marion's jewelery box. It's a super antique choker made with real freshwater pearls, I love it but I am terrified to wear it! It feels slightly fragile and I would simply die if something happened to it while wearing it!
Anyways, I can't wait for more days to wear outfits like this! Bring on those April showers!! :)


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Every word you say, I think I should write down...

C: Today the sun is absolutely, blindingly brilliant! And yet somehow, it's gotten colder...alas and alack! Sitting in class next to a (unfortunately open) window was not the most most enjoyable moment of my day :P On the other hand, February is nearing its end so at least we have hope of spring and warmth. And along those lines, I have hope of Spring Break within a week!!! We girls are taking a couple days to chill together and perhaps take a trip to the Mall of America--twill be such fun :) I'm not even going to think about the homework I have to do between then and now...

{houndstooth vintage-style shorts from Forever21, fuschia shirt from J's closet, belt from Target, black woven tights from Target, black oxford heels from Payless}

Dear Cyberspace,
I love this skirt. I found it at this great vintage/thrift store downtown and I have had fun with it ever since! The yellow it is now is not the same color it was many years ago, although I like it more than the original (underneath the pocket flap you can see the original yellow-green color). I just love the high waist and huge pockets, it just screams 1950s to me :)Oh! And those earrings?! Love them! I got them for a dollar (along with a handful of other adorable earrings) at an antique shop near my cabin. They are clip-on, so they aren't to be worn for long periods of time...unless you want your earlobe to fall off!
Another thing I love, is the huge contrast in styles between c and me. I'm afraid to say that she was dressed more appropriately for the weather than I was...but I just have this terrible case of the cold winter blues and the cure for that is to pretend it is warmer than it is and dress for spring!

Jessica Lynn

{White eyelet 3/4 length tee from Penney's, vintage skirt, cream bow-tie flats from Target, floral scarf from C, Large orange flower clip-on earrings from an antique shop up north.}

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

She's Only Happy In The Sun

Today has been a fairly uneventful day...certainly nothing worth blogging about...yet here I am...blogging about it. Started the morning off with fresh cinnamon rolls (the ones from a tube... yum.) and a pot of coffee. Went to chapel...learned it's okay to be ordinary (awesome.) and did a presentation about how my journey of intercultural competence is like a box of brownie was great. :) C and I are going on a vintage/thrift store adventuring this afternoon...I've been advised by my mother to leave my wallet at home, seeing as how I am a poor college student... we'll see if how it goes and either way it will be a grand time! :)
Today, we have a guest fashionista! Our lovely roommate was looking so darling (well, she does everyday, but this day especilly!) the other day that we pushed her in the hallway and snapped a few pictures! Now if only Caitlin will cooperate... :)

Love to the moon and back,
wearing dress-up clothes (it was chilly out today so we decided to pretend with our outfits): Polka-dot skirt from Forever 21 (really great twirling skirt!), Grey eyelet 3/4 length shirt, yellow knee socks from Target (For the record, I came up with the idea for the yellow socks and brown Mary-Janes, Cambria just took the picture first :) ) brown mary-jane heels from Payless, pearls from great-grandma

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Way You Sip Your Tea...

C: Exhausted from a long day of classes and just a general feeling of pre-midterms, late February "bleagh". Comfy was thus the inspirational idea for clothing today! There's just something fun about the proportions of the oversized boyfriend sweater (That I stole from Jess, one of her more brilliant thrift store finds!)...and my favourite thing is to add little details like a braided calico headband and pearls--amp up any outfit and give fashion afficiandos a kick :)

{Target jean skirt from J's closet, thrifted boyfriend sweater, gifted AE pearls, gifted H&M calico headband, Target knee socks, mary janes}

After much nagging from my dear roommate, I have finally signed on to post on this thing. Today was a a Monday...all day, ya know? And so, comfort was on my mind as well! I'm really loving my skinny jeans from American Eagle...sooo comfy and they fit just right. mmmm :)Not to mention this STUNNING scarf that my dearest friend gave me for my birthday...she knows me too well. :) Well, I don't have a ton to say as the day is coming to an end, and seeing as how it's my night for dishes (better get on that...). Here is a poem to leave you with (still in that contemporary poetry class...)

First read this and then listen to Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune... recipe for a restful slumber :)

~Lullaby by, Louise Gluck~
Time to rest now; you have had
enough excitement for the time being.

Twilight, then early evening. Fireflies
in the room, flickering here and there, here and there,
and summer's deep sweetness filling the open window.

Don't think of these things anymore.
Listen to my breathing, your own breathing
like the fireflies, each small breath
a flare in which the world appears.

I've sung to you long enough in the summer night.
I'll win you over in the end; the world can't give you this sustained vision.

You must be taught to love me. Human beings must be taught to love
silence and darkness.

{Burgundy scarf from Target, Taupe long-sleeve tee from Target, skinny jeans from American Eagle, leather belt from American Eagle Gray All-Star Chuck Taylors from Converse}

Sunday, February 21, 2010

You Can Like the Life You're Living

C: Well today is a sunny Sunday and the melting process is well underway! J and I had adopted the (giant) icicle that hung outside our window, even named him Friedrich last week--and then yesterday he fell to his death. Alas. Sometimes Spring brings sorrow! All around though, the weather puts us in a good mood. It's just lovely to have our windows open and drink ice water without putting on a coat...

{Old Navy white shirt, thrifted black-buttoned cardigan, Target ankle socks, Target belt (removed from accompanying dress!), and vintage thrifted skirt, gifted from J}


I decided to forgo the "cryptic" name thing we were was weird. Today was yet another lovely pseudo-spring days that we occasionally have this time of year. Every year it is such a let down for me...not unlike getting a skirt from Etsy that was approximately 5 inches to small around the waist. Shucks. I sure hope C enjoys it :) Either way, the skirt I have on is such a treat to wear! I just adore it. I feel that it can be worn with many different things and take on several looks... LOVE it! :)
Catch ya on the flip side...

{Red shirt from Marshalls, really old black cardigan...not sure where it's from, black snakeskin ballet flats from American Eagle, thrifted skirt}