Monday, March 7, 2011

Might Really Know What It's Like

So in case you haven't noticed, dear readers, my post titles lately have been the lyrics of songs I'm listening to as I'm posting. I always lack such inspiration when titling since copying is a form of complimentation...I'm taking a musical titling cue from Amanda of Off of Broadway.

On other news, the purchase of these shoes today was practically an example of spontaneous combustion. Ask the fiance. We were shopping for wedding shoes (for him not me) when I spotted them on the DSW clearance rack...for 70% off, mind you. I just burst out with a resounding and unanticipated squeal of delight: "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!" Within minutes, I had the pair and a fresh sales receipt in my hands. How does that happen? Came out of nowhere. Ex nihilo shopping.'s outfit is quite the outfit. Different for me. Slouchy boyfriend jeans do absolutely nothing for my particular figure, but they are just so DARN comfy. Thus, I tried to at least make them more feminine and draw out their vintage flair with a bow-tied floral sash/belt and a few strands of beads and pearls :)

<3 Cambria