Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Before she gets to saying goodbye...

My goodness, Cambria has been on the ball with updating! She's putting me to shame!
So, how about a list?
Here goes!

Top 10 Things Jessica Adores.

1. When friends become like family...

The girls...Kileen, Caitlin, Cambria, and I...
We become more and more like sisters each day! Oh, the joys of living together! The support and love from these ladies is unbelievable and I can't wait to know them in 60 years... :)
Note: I could never put up pictures of all my lovely friends... Perhaps someday I will post a collage of them. Seriously though, I love getting to know people one on one and having "intentional" conversations with them....I love my frieeennnnds!!

2. Theater Arts.
According to my parents, I was born dramatically...and the rest is history. I have never known a time without theater...and I don't plan to. There is something so wonderful and special about the whole process of putting together a show, that is very near and dear to my heart. I love musicals for their dance numbers, singing, cheese ball factor, and their happy endings...Past musical credits include: Oklahoma (2x), Footloose (2x), West Side Story, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat, Seussical, Grease, Bye Bye Birdie, to name a few...
As much as I enjoy musicals, I also adore a good straight play... Was recently in the one acts, Fools and The Camberley Triangle....
The first picture is from the musical Oklahoma that I performed in last summer...gotta love that hat and dress, right?
The second is from the one act, Fools.

3. Antique books and luggage

I love, love, love, walking around antique shops and finding old and interesting things. I always get caught up in the stories that these old items have to tell, so much better than anything from IKEA or Target!

4. Grand ave

This is one of my favorite hang out spots... It's this avenue downtown that has a ton of adorable old houses, shops, cafes, restaurants, etc, etc. It's a prime people watching spot because it attracts everybody and anybody...not to mention the interesting fashion one will encounter!
One day, I will have an apartment and be able to ride a darling bike (with a basket!) up and down and thoroughly enjoy life... :)

5. beautiful things in nature (sunsets,stars,lakes,trees)
pretttty self explanatory.

I could sit outside, by a lake, or watching a sunset, or stargazing, or underneath a tree...for hours. I am in awe of my Creator and His beauty! I could go on, and on, and on... but, I will refrain. :)

6. Children
I want to be an elementary school teacher when I grow kinda comes with the job. :)
I love how sweet, innocent, curious, loving, mischievous, adventurous, and darling children are...mmm. So great. :)
Oh, and also...I love swinging.

7.swing dancing

You've heard me go on and on about this before...I love swing dancing. Well, really any kind of dancing, but swing dancing in particular. The couple dance clubs we have in the area are so much fun! One place in particular has live jazz music, an awesome venue, and it makes one feel as though they have hopped in a time machine and ended up in the Roaring 20s. I love it... :)

8. music
Yup. I love it. My iTunes has the craziest variety and I am constantly on the lookout for new stuff... :)

9.Trying out new coffee shops.

Kileen and I both work for Caribou Coffee and one day we decided we were really of sick of going to hang out at the same place we worked.Lucky for us we live in an area that is STOCK full of coffee shops. Hidden gems just waiting for us to stumble upon them. So, we created an extensive and ongoing list of new shops for us to try out, and once we tried one out, we log it in a journal along with a critique, and decide whether it is worth a repeat visit. We started this last year and have had a blast so far! I have a feeling we will be doing this for a looong time...which makes it even more fun! :)

10. Thrifting!

I know, I know...EVERYONE loves thrifting these days! Or, so it seems. Yet, I still enjoy finding that "perfect condition" Banana Republic skirt hidden in a pile of less than desirable clothing... or what have you. It's the thrill of finding something so great, for such a small price! It's addicting!

Anyways... whew! That was fun! Thanks again Jen!

First Day of School...Farewell, Freedom

Soooooooooo...I'm currently in a state of complete syllabi shock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had only three of my five courses today and I already feel like I have a full load. How in the name of my darling Betsy am I ever going to manage a thesis class and exegetical Bible course on top of these three??? Not to mention family, friends, boyfriend, and job...I fear for my life. Well, that may be an exaggeration. But in all seriousness, I'm just a wee bit frightened I'll misplace my sanity somewhere along the line ;)

On the up side, all my classes are fabulous...with all my favourite professors and all my favourite subjects! I'm taking a class that explores worldviews/philosophies and how they relate to your life...and a class on Ancient Near-Eastern history...and a poetry writing course (first ever!). Not to mention writing my thesis paper and digging into the book of Matthew...all of which are quite intriguing to this literary/historical/philosophical mind <3

Anywho...we should also get a few weeks of good outfit pics before winter hits. Since our school used to be a Catholic boys' school and monastery, the architecture and landscaping is impeccable!!! Sooooo prepare for a round of delightful background :)

<3 Cambria

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last Day of Freedom Before Last Year of School


like orange marmalade
tonight’s sunset spreads across the sky

as the sun,
like a pool of melting butter
rich and oily warm
oozes toward the crusty brown edge of the horizon,

and the slender candied clouds,
like flecks of orange peel
with sugared edges, catch the last daylight

before the deep blue tongue of darkness
the last sticky sweetness away, not leaving even a taste.

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Blog Award!!!

The delectable and lovely Jen from Style Through Her Eyes just awarded us with a beaaaaautiful blogging award!!! Jessica and I are VERY VERY grateful and excited, since this is our first blog award and we've enjoyed Jen's posts and comments so very much :) The only rules for accepting the award is that I must give it to ten bloggers I adore...and post with a list of ten things I adore...shan't be too hard :)

<><><> TEN THINGS: <><><>
1) H&M--every time I go to this store, I find something to buy! Most recent purchase was a pair of soft, sleek jeans with a dark wash and perfectly placed back pockets ;)

2) Coffee mugs--we have such a random collection in our apartment! Jess, Kileen, and I collect them like there's no tomorrow. If you ever want a hot drink from a kitschy vintage mug...well, just hop on over :)

3) Vanilla--hands down, it's the best taste and smell. I use vanilla scented everything, from body wash to lotion to chapstick. I just think it's timeless and not too overpowering. And vanilla lattes? Vanilla teas? Vanilla tootsie rolls? Oh so delish.

4) Leather belts--you can jazz up an outfit (and make it oh-so-flattering) by just tossing on a leather belt. They come in every width, colour, style, and buckle design! I love to mix and match them with different outfits, which is cheap since you can find great vintage ones at Goodwill for $1 :)

5) Alabama Crimson Tide--yes, it's true. You might never guess it, and I always said I would NEVER say this...but I'm an honest to gracious Alabama football fan. It started with my boyfriend, true, but I've developed quite an interest on my own. And on lazy days I even wear the sweatshirts. Goodness.

6) Red--this is the hands-down best colour in the world. It definitely indicates my personality since I'm very passionate, artistic, "vibrant", expressive, strong-willed, and romantic. But it also just really attracts my eye. I love red clothes and bedding and dishes and far as I'm concerned, if I'm buying something (whether it's a scarf or a school folder) the colour of choice is always rouge

7) Disney Classics--I know Jen already mentioned this, but I absolutely ADORE the old-school Disney films! And not just cause they're "vintage"...I just think they are so darling/sweet compared to the inanity/poor messages of the newer flicks. Of course my personal favourites are Beauty and the Beast and 101 Dalmatians!

8) British Spelling--it's a habit of mine that I've come to quite fancy <3 I think I've always used British spellings because I grew up reading soooooooo much classic literature, especially from Great Britain. For me, the spelling that naturally comes to mind is always the English english...and to be perfectly honest, now I like it so much that I'm not willing to break the habit.

9) Writing Poetry--the thing is, I'm not that great :( But I was thinking last night that I actually ought to post a couple of my favourite poems on my blog posts...just to share them with someone! I've gotten really into writing the past two years at college and it's been very stress-relieving (as well as tons of fun). I just love playing with words and sounds and formatting to convey the emotions or thoughts that are swirling around in my crazy brain.

10) Coffee News Cafe--it's my favourite local place to eat. I could eat there EVERY day and not get tired of the incredible food/drinks! Bottomless ice tea all summer (delightful on sunny days), amazing lattes and chai tea in the winter--how can a girl go wrong? Plus they have a half gourmet-half cafe menu that makes your tongue very happy, including sauted garlic fries and grilled swiss w basil aoli and tomatoes :) Not to mention Coffee News is a great place to watch people! The variety of ages, types, styles, and personalities is unrivaled by any coffee shop I've been to...huge bonus for this confessed people-watching addict!

<><><> TEN BLOGGERS (well 1st half!) <><><>

Weeeeelll...I'll let Jess post her Ten Likes and name 5 bloggers tomorrow. Til then, have a lovely week <3