Friday, May 27, 2011

Heavens to Betsy!!!!!

Oh my stars and garters...
Hello blog! Sorry to have neglected you... Lots has happened since we last blogged...
In a nutshell...I'll add more pictures for your viewing pleasure later.

1. Roisters-the annual theater banquet...also an excuse to dress a little nutty and do strange things that only people in the theater world, a balloon parade through downtown. Alas, in all the craziness, C and I didn't get a picture together on our camera... So, here's one of me and Nate, unintentionally matching.

2. We hung out with Shasta from The Traveling Cabinet and made bracelets for darling children and a great cause... Check out the link here
Isn't she lovely? :)

Here we are...looking a tad awkward. And the bracelets, not looking awkward. :)

3. Cambria graduated!!! I don't have a picture of her...but, this is pretty much the same thing... ;)

4. We moved out of our beloved apartment.

5. Caitlin went home to Washington state, because she's getting married in FIVE DAYS!!!!! EEK!
And I bet you all are wondering what the stylish couple wears when they go out on a rainy morning?

Aren't they just the cutest?
They love each other. So great.

6. I also wore clothes out in the rain...want to see that? ;)

Don't mind the rain drops...they didn't hurt.

Whew. That was a lot of catching up. I know I missed I'll fill you in as we go along.
Thanks for not ditching might get a little crazy around here in the next couple weeks, what with weddings happening left and right... Stay tuned!!

Jessica :)