Friday, February 12, 2010

Swingin' Birthday, Jazzy Styles...

C: Last night was quite fun...wonderful music (of cousre including Sing, Sing, Sing!) from greats like Sinatra and Fitzgerald! The digs weren't too crowded so the dancing was fun even though lifts were out of the question. During breaks, we had fun taking silly pics with our boys--complemented by the 20s background! We dressed cool considering the hot (no pun intended) atmosphere of the swing dancing spot, but that meant frigid legs when we went to Applebee's for J's bday afterward.

C {red dress w white polka dots and lace-up back, vintage thrifted--black mary janes from Payless}
J {Black cap sleeve, eyelet tee from Penny's, gold sequined skirt-is the best twirling skirt I own! from Marshalls, black leggings from C, black flats from Macy's and vintage belt.}

Well, last night was a blast and a half! In the words of Eliza Doolittle, "I could 'ave dahnced alll night, I could 'ave dahnced alll night and still 'ave begged fo' more..." What better way to kick off my birthday weekend with dancing and friends? My birthday isn't until Sunday (aka Valentines Day! :) ) and so, it will be a weekend of delight!

Love, J

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feelin' Collegiate.

It's Thursday!! Also known as "The Day of Swing Dancing" :) We are pretty excited for this's like stepping back in time, 90 years ago. The little club that we go to has a live jazz band, fancy clothes and people are dancing and having a great time...mmmm :) be still my soul. Pictures to come later :)
Had placements this morning, so had to pick something out of my "teacher's wardrobe"
and now I am dashing off to my two-hour long class. blegh.
{Pumpkin long-sleeve sweater from Target, brown corduroy vest from Ann Taylor, jean skirt from Target, heather-gray tights from C, brown Mary-Janes from Payless, and vintage clip-on earrings from an antique store.}

C: Yes it is Thursday! An absolutely delightful day because I get to get swingin' with two of my favourite people in the entire world--my boyfriend, D, and my roomie, J. Our swing dancing "lair" was a gangster hangout in the 20s-30s, refurbished in the same roarin' style! Tonight the jazz orchestra will be playing (hopefully won't draw too many crowds) and people will be looking just fine :)
And also--this bow headband is one of my absolutely most favourite things to wear. If you haven't noticed, I have a thing for bows...and this one is big, cute, and classy without being obnoxious. Love it!

C {wide-leg Express jeans thrifted $7, white Old Navy shirt $4, gifted Target vest, Payless oxfords $15, black bow headband H&M $6}

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Easy like Sunday morning...

Hmm...welp nothing too exciting to write about today. The red Etsy skirt is a tad on the small side! So, I want to play with it a little bit and see if i can't alter it slightly. It fits C, so I suppose I can always give it to her too... :) We wear the same size on almost everything, but she is quite a bit shorter than me and is just a tad smaller in the waist region. Either way, we have great fun sharing a closet :) We like to mix our own personal styles and make things work.
Today has been quite the lovely and warm (22 degrees and sunshine!!!) Wednesday, had breakfast with two darling girls, chapel, class with my favorite prof, test, and my contemporary poetry class was canceled today! Oh joy!! It's always a fun treat to have a surprise cancellation! Thanks to the cancellation I was finally able to run the errands I had been putting off for weeks... and to end the day, babysitting 3 precious boys :)
Lots of Love
J {Torn boyfriend jeans from Express (on sale for 75%off!), thrifted red Keds, taupe long sleeve tee from Target, cream boyfriend cardigan from Target, vintage bead necklace and bracelets from great-grandma skoglund...she had great taste! :) }

It's Wednesday, which in my personal opinion is the least likeable day of the week. Too far into the week to retain energy, yet far enough from the end to be discouraging...nasty middling position, Wednesday :P But overall today wasn't too poor (except for the fact that the 'saggy' fit of my boyfriend jeans doesn't show in this picture). But after all, when one has eaten whipped cream and berries for breakfast (guilty as charged), the day is just unfailingly sweeter!

C: {boyfriend jeans from Express 75% off, vintage-styled sweater from Target, cabled socks from somewhere, brown leather mary janes from Penney's, pearl necklace from birthday gift}

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

She's Only Happy in the Sun...

What a delightfully sunny day it has been today! The snow is still on the ground... but the sun sweetens the deal :)
I'm writing this blog from the upper level of the library, also known as the "Quiet Floor." The fluorescent lighting is ever so pleasant and the floor is scattered with college students on their laptops, ear buds in, completely zoned out from the world. It's hard to say how many are actually studying, or like me, taking a "study break." Either way, it is eerily silent.
Thankfully I got a chair next to the window where I can peek out to see students walking by on the sidewalk. I'm not kidding you,it's like watching a fashion show! The ladies (and some men) really know how to dress here! It's quite enjoyable!
Anyways, while I'm creeping on people up here, C is off gallivanting with her beau, I never see them or really anyone on Tuesday/Thursdays on account of me getting up at the crack of dawn for my placement and not getting back until later in the evening... such is life!
And one more thing! Red Etsy skirt arrived today!! It's absolutely darling and I can't wait to go home and try it on!!
Enjoy the pics and keep it real :)

C: I quite agree, being at school provides exceptional people-watching opportunities. I'm guilty of watching everyone who walks past my table in teh cafeteria, my chair in the library, my seat in chapel...tis ever so much fun :) But today I was appreciating the dapper way my special someone dresses (nine months)!

J: {Floral H&M shirt dress, thrifted belt, pearls and bracelet- vintage from great-grandma skoglund, tights from C's dresser, and the boots make yet another appearance :)}

C: {Old Navy taupe shirt $4, H&M purple cordoroy skirt $5, tights from J's closet, boots from Wet Seal (bday present), vest from Express $9, bow from Claire's}

Monday, February 8, 2010

As Long as There's No Place to Go...

Happy Monday! We started this week off with a thick blanket of sparkly snow and promises of more snow to come. I'm sitting alone in my living room, cozy and warm with a good view of the winter wonderland outside. I sort of have a love/hate relationship with the snow... I love it's beauty and it's fun to play in... But, it lasts way tooo long. I'm longing for the warm weather of summer.
Only 2 more months until spring!
Onto the outfits...
This morning C and I managed to put on very similar outfits without realizing it! This has happened more than once too! Gotta love being roommates :)
Love, J

C: Really is amusing, the outfit similarities that sometimes happen in our room! Dates all the way back to our first day of school, when we dressed in separate rooms but ended up in the EXACT same shirt, denim skirt, and similar shoes. Must be our mutually exceptional taste ;)
On another note, my Modcloth order came today--unfortunately, the swing dress I ordered was a bit short! Another dress that I actually didn't order came in the package, though...and I'm wearing it tomorrow. Quite lovely, will post pics sometime this week.

J:{Brown tee from Khols, Oatmeal zip-up sweater from Target, Jean skirt from Target, burgundy tights from C's closet, brown knee-highs from Target, and my favorite leather boots from DSW}

C: {denim jumper from Target, brown shirt from Old Navy, oatmeal cardigan from Wet Seal, tights from Target, hair bow from Claire's, boots from Wet Seal, socks from J's dresser drawer}

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Is It the Good Turtle Soup, or the Muck?

I know I posted earlier, but Happy Sunday!
Ten points for those who know which song the title of this blog is from...

J: {American Eagle Jeans, American Eagle Grey Oxford Sweater, Target White Tee, American Eagle black and silver scarf, Target black heels}...apparently AE and Target were the unofficial sponsors of this outfit... :)
Well, here we are sitting in Caribou on Superbowl Sunday, grooving to music on our iPods, working on homework, and watching the snow fall like sprinkles from the dark sky. This place is DEAD, thanks to that big game... I'd rather be here than in front of a TV watching grown men fling themselves at each other. Nope, no thanks :) even homework sounds more appealing!
Okay, here are our Sunday church outfits... I was feeling a tad on the casual side today... I felt so comfy in my jeans (American Eagle are my favorite! nice and long...) and sweater, with a dressy touch of high heels-making me crazy tall! :)
Live it up!

C {Express floral silk skirt, Target white elbow sleeve tee and white lace cami, Alice+Olivia for Payless purple heels, Express earrings, Target hair clip}:
Caribou is quite the place tonight...J and I bent studiously over our homework and listening to RUSSIAN from across the shop!!! Having just completed a year of Russian, I can only pick out a few words (alas) but the accents are simply divine. As is my soy latte w half-shot of hazelnut, the James Blunt song on my iPod, and the unfinished archaeological work strewn across the couch ;) Coffee, Russian, British accents, and insane history--who would ever, ever choose to watch the Superbowl?!

Tell Me Why the Air is Filled with Music...

True Confessions... Most of the time I am convinced I was born in the wrong decade. I can't speak for C, but I think she would feel the same way. Ever since I got a taste for the world of vintage clothing at the young age of 11 (I was in the musical Bye Bye Birdie...hello fifties!!) I haven't been able to get enough of it! I love the clothing, music, demeanor, and general feel of the world a century ago. That's all to say that I spend a good amount of money at thrift and vintage stores... there are some really great ones in our neighborhood! And! I have recently discovered Etsy and all it's glory! I love the prices and great finds...although I will say it does take some of the fun out of what I like to call the "treasure hunt" of thrift shopping...
Anyways, the above pictures are my most recent purchases. I have some great outfit ideas for them, but first I may need to take in the waist a tad... I can't wait to get them!! :)
Oh, and PS- C and I will be posting outfit pics soon! :)