Saturday, March 27, 2010

Not sure why I love this place so much..

So, it's Saturday morning and I am sitting in a Caribou near my house. This coffee shop is oozing with memories and I love and hate it. I spend the majority of my summers here whether I was working early mornings, meeting a friend or two, or just wasting time. Almost everyone I know has entered through one of the two doors and I am sure to bop into one of them, at any given time. I'm not entirely sure why it has become such a hot spot of mine. Perhaps it is the "second-home" feel of it...or maybe the 30% discount I get because I work here... but I do know that it isn't the same Caribou as two years ago... and I don't appreciate change. My life is sooo rough. :P

Last night I had a dance rehearsal that was so wonderful! Have I told you that I love to dance? It does my heart good :)
After rehearsal, a dear friend joined me for a Rogers and Hammerstein flick (Carousel to be exact!) and it was most enjoyable... :)
And now I am off to get my haircut fixed... here's hoping it goes better than last week!!
I love this outfit and it's 70's vibe... I'm not actually wearing it today though... it's a tad too chilly for it. But I can't wait for summer to wear it (and I love yellow with a slight tan!). The one problem with summers is that I don't share a closet with Cambria and my wardrobe is downsized slightly...
Which is most unfortunate.

Ta Ta for now!
{Yellow gingham blouse from Delia's, jean skirt from Target,peep-toe flats from Target, leather woven belt from Cambria's side of the closet, white flower clip from who knows where?!)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sunshine, gives me a lovely day...

Hello Hello!
Today was nice and sunny so we thought we would try our hand at outdoor shots. We need to experiment with lighting and location but, hey it was our first time! :) I guess I don't have anything reallllly interesting to talk Does anybody besides my mom and roommates even read this thing and care about whether I have something to ramble on about?

Lucky for you- I like rambling, so here we go! :)

Today I woke while it was still dark out, went and nannied 3 adorable little rascals and then skipped my first class. I thought I would go to Byerly's to see if they had any yummy samples and maybe find something to purchase. Sampled a pasta thing and a weird horseradish pickle. Also, it was like "Senior Citizen Day" or maybe the elderly just really like to go grocery shopping during the day. So I enjoyed watched all the old folk. I bought a water bottle, Craisens, and these new Wheatables Nut Crisps with Roasted Almonds. yummmmm. I could probably eat the whole box. :)Oh! I also bought the newest edition of InStyle which has a lot of crazy stuff in it.
Then I went to class and went to check my mail box...nothing in it. People,people, people... send me some mail!!! :)
Then I came back to my room, read InStyle, made a pot of coffee, konked out on my couch before said pot of coffee was down brewing and now here I am, sitting on the couch, munching on the crackers,sipping my coffee, blogging and sort-of watching Dr. Phil (on mute.).
Whew...what a day, right?
Anyways, I love you all,

**Oatmeal sweater from Khols(?), cream t-shirt from H81,thrifted brown floral wrap skirt from Cambria's closet, tan ankle socks from Cambria, brown Mary-Janes from Payless, and pearls from mother?**

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Great to Stay Up Late...

It really is NOT great to stay up late, as I can attest after the past two weeks. Especially when you are staying up late and working constantly, but seem to be accomplishing nothing? How can that be? Apparently life and logic are not always reconcilable ;) Anywho, I'm up late yet again tonight and really beginning to feel the physical toll...hopefully I'll be able to catch some good winks tonight and feel better for my early breakfast tomorrow. Alas, when one is forced to be on a college meal plan, one doesn't feel the freedom to sleep in and let $10 slide by...
<3 Cambria
{Old Navy denim skirt, Old Navy white shirt, Target argyle sweater vest, gifted red tights, Payless penny loafers}

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wishin' and hopin' and thinkin'...

Posting quite late tonight due to the homework load and activity load of the day. I'm excited that I've finally finished my research on Stanley Milgram--the man who (literally and figuratively) shocked the world :D As much as I enjoyed researching and learning, I really hated wading through psycho-babble! So now I guess I turn my mind toward wading through excavation-babble...trying to tackle (you guessed it) another research paper. Who said English majors are the ones who learn to write?!
<3 Cambria
{Plaid shirt from Penney's $3, Express ReRock jeans $10, Target tank top $2, thrifted vintage belt $1, gray Old Navy cardigan $12}

So, I'm wondering how one gets followers for their blog? Do we force kids to do it? Bribe them? Make false accounts and followers? I'm just wondering...
This outfit was perfect for today's weather and my mood! I recently purchased this blouse from the clearance rack at Heritage 1981 and I'm a pretty big fan of it:) oh! and this skirt? It's American Eagle from Goodwill... Have I mentioned my love for a good thrifting experience? It's true. I love it :)

Okay, well...I'm off to read Kileen's paper for her and then to get some beauty sleep!
Follow us kids!! :)
Love, Jess

{thrifted Khaki skirt from AE, floral blouse from H81,cream peep-toe flats from Target, Blue tank from Target.}

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Skinnamarinky Dinky Dink...

Tonight is filled with fun plans...and I dressed accordingly today :) Jess, a group of our friends, and I are attending a campaign fundraiser for her county sheriff uncle. Italian restaurant, enjoyable company, chance to dress up--what more could you ask?! The night only gets better afterword, since my Significant Other and I have another play rehearsal and study plans :) Yay! Every hour I'm closer to whipping out those Nazi Germany books and digging in...

<3 Cambria, campaigner extraordinaire
{thrifted dress, beige anklets from Target, lace cami from Target, belt from Forever21, brown Mary Janes from Penney's}

oh, hi there!
This dress was found on an outing to Goodwill last September. Cambria picked it up first and didn't like how it fit her, so I tried it on and fell in love! :) What I love most is that it's homemade! What's not to love?! I am really hoping to pick up some more sewing this summer. I have a beautiful sewing machine that has not be used enough...I'm dreaming of sweet skirts and dresses...mmm. :)
The campaign kick-off was a success...who doesn't love shaking hands and meeting new people? And it comes around every four years! good times! :)
okay! Back to business!

:Taupe long-sleeve tee from Target, thrifted dress, brown ballet flats from Payless, thrifted cream belt:

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Weather Outside is Frightful...

Well it's just a huge bummer that I walked outside today and it felt somewhat like winter bare legs today! Jess and I both put on jeans and I even opted for darker colours (but notice the purple!). Classes were just as gloomy today...why is it that sometimes you love a class and sometimes you just hate it? Today they just seem to drag on and on. But enough sad nonsense! I'm quite excited for tonight because I have read-through for the one-act show I just got cast in on Friday--lovely friends to work with, fascinating play to explore. With that, I'm off to Nazi Germany (figuratively, at least).
<3 Cambria
{flowered button-down from H&M, boyfriend skinnies from Rerock for Express, thrifted vintage bow shoes, purple boyfriend tee from Target, gifted onyx necklace}

well, hello there!
I must say I disagree with Cambria here. I thought the weather was quite lovely today! Of course, a tad warmer wouldn't have hurt anybody...but I am not complaining!
Hmmm...what is there to write about? well, I'm also in a one act!! And thrilled to pieces about it! Rehearsals start tomorrow night and will begin to consume a good chunk of my free time, but I adore working on projects such as this :) hmm..anything else? ohhh...I got a haircut on saturday...and am currently regretting it. Not exactly what I was hoping for. Oh well, C'est la vie! :)
on a side note (well, kinda), what is with us midwesterners and chatting about the weather? I feel like we go on an on about it...but I suppose it really dictates how we dress.
So, anyways.
Hope you are keeping it real, cyberspace! :)

{Grey t-shirt from Marshalls, American Eagle skinny jeans and leather belt, scarf from my mom's closet, white peep-toe flats.}

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sing a Song of Sixpence...

{P.s. sorry for the weird look on my face...I didn't know J was taking the pic yet!}Soooo it's absolutely lovely to fall back into the posting habit--our Spring break "break" was just too long :( Thankfully, Jess and found time in our busy college schedules to take some photos here they are! The weather this past week has been simply divine, so sunny and warm. First bare legs of the year, can you believe it? We both enjoyed setting aside tights for a day ;) Tomorrow's forecast is about 60, so perhaps we'll be able to soak up some more sun then. Hope you, darling readers, are having a lovely sunny life as well.
<3 Cambria
{blue H&M paper-bag-waist pocketed circle skirt, thrifted red flats, thrifted leather belt, plaid boyfriend shirt ?}