Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Cheated Myself

Actually, I have cheated myself...of a great photo opp. with the Fiancee today. I should have grabbed him after class and had him take a few quick shots outside our chapel. But I forgot. Therefore, you shall have just a couple snapshots. Alas. My poor public, hehe :D

This is just a quick post sans Jessica...cause she got CAST IN A THEATRE SHOW at school!!! I feel like a proud Mama. Can't wait to go see her onstage again.

<3 Cambria

Monday, January 10, 2011

If You Need Somewhere to Fall...

So...I have totally fallen in love with these pants. That's where I have fallen...into the perfect pair of dress pants! They fit sublimely, I love the vintage silhouette, and they are the exact right length with my heels :)

Not to mention they are that perfect shade of grey that works with browns, navy, black, white, and even brighter or richer colours. You can wear them so many ways!

Aaaaaaand these purple shoes. Let me tell you. They were $6 at Payless a couple years ago, and I've gotten well worth the wear out of them. They just add the perfect pop of colour, you know? I suppose I should wear more colour as a general rule :)

<3 Cambria