Friday, February 5, 2010

Etsy, Modcloth, and Other Vintage Musings

Decided not to upload pics of purchases we made today, J from Etsy and C from Modcloth (first order! so excited!). We also came across a DREADFUL dress that just defies description--and, in all honesty, we're both dying to have it! If only money grew on trees and we could justify spending it on gold lame and lace ;)

C bought the Swing Your Partner Dress from Modcloth, has been dreaming up ways to wear it.
J bought two darling vintage skirts which she doesn't have pictures of right now. More to come later!

On another note, we're eagerly anticipating a swing dancing trip's been far, far too long since these girls have gotten their vintage moves on, so 'twill be loads of fun :) We'll post photos of our (hopefully adorable) outfits and maybe catch a couple action shots!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh So Sadly Solo...

C [floral 50s style button-down dress, H&M]: I remain alone in the living room, surrounded by dusty books on the archaeology of Ephesus, pages dimly lit by the strands of icicle Christmas lights still draped near the ceiling...But in all honesty, I put off the reading tonight and thus take full responsibility. Tonight I'm also taking full responsibility for posting the daily blog post (surprise, J!). After all, my galavanting prevented J and I from taking pictures of our lovely Wednesday wardrobe selections :P

So I decided to post a few quick pics of the two of us, on a lovely outing to the nearby 'Bou. Do enjoy.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Apple crunching and Arguementative Attitudes...

JJJJJJJJJ: {Grey Beret from Love21, Red Tee from Marshalls, Oatmeal Cardigan from Wetseal, Charcoal Skirt from Target, Grey tights from American Eagle,Brown Heels from Payless}
So after yesterday's fail of a photo shoot, we are now experimenting with locations. This is the stairwell of our apartment building, which is usually littered with couples being awkward. Thankfully we had it to ourselves tonight. I had a placement in a classroom so my attire had to look more "professional," but I just hate opting for black pants and a solid color tee. So, I don't! I just love this skirt with my mary janes :) C and I are contemplating going to a lovely coffee shop downtown with our homework and we will probably both be incredibly dorky and slip into our matching sweatpants...

CCCCCCCC: {taupe shirt from Old Navy, black skirt from H&M, black textured tights from Target, oxfords from Payless, Persian scarf from Target, earrings from Express}
I liked to think of tonight's locale as something of a Shakespearean setting...balcony, nighttime, get the idea! Alas, our apartment building is far from the beautiful Italy. But today I couldn't help feeling rather elegant with my soft "oriental" scarf--it's one of my favourite things to wear because it just dresses up any outfit and adds a touch of mystique and class :)

If at First You Don't Fricasee...

C [green plaid H&M dress, Target tights, Payless shoes, Old Navy beret, vintage fish earrings from Aunt Carrie, Wet Seal boots]:
Sheesh, yesterday we realized that we hadn't planned a time to take our blog pics...and ended up in our apartment sometime after midnight, trying to snag a good photo of our attire. Needless to say, the photos have less-than-idyllic backgrounds :) And the lighting is, you know, if at first you don't succeed, try and try again!
Or as Caddie Woodlawn would say (for you literature types), "If at first you don't fricasee, fry and fry the hen".

J [Blue striped button-down from Target, Arizona White Tee, Leather Belt and Skinny Jeans from American Eagle, Leather Boots from DSW, Vintage Bracelets from Great Grandma Marian's jewelery box]
Man, keeping up with this blog should be interesting... Already we ran into issues with taking pictures... and Wow! I'm sitting here watching C cut into an apple. She sure is creative! Anyways, Catch ya on the flip side!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Deep Thoughts on a Sunday Evening...

C: Well this is our first blog post. It's not very exciting. But we have high hopes and kite-like dreams!!! One has to start somewhere, and that somewhere is in the living room of our cozy apartment, sitting on the chastity couch and avoiding the inevitable Sunday night homework rush. Ah, Plato, thou hast stolen away mine life...

J: Ah... our first post. This sure is exciting and I eagarly await our next one!As I am writing this, I am consumed with ideas for tomorrow's outfit and taking into consideration the nasty fact that snow is in the forecast. I hope I will not freeze and live to tell about it. And now, I must retreat back to my desk where a paper is anxiously awaiting my return...

Because homework just isn't going to happen at this moment...

5 Things We Would Rather Do Than Homework:
1. Plan trips that are too expensive for our poor college students' wallets (ah, Milan, Paris, London, Cairo, Madrid).
2. Hunt for treasure at the local Goodwill, Savers, or other random thrift shops we stumble upon.
3. Practice dance moves in the living room, regardless of the noise for those on the floors below. Twirly skirts make this even more fun!
4. Use twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties lingo and thereby confuse everyone around us. Golly gee, it's swell.
5. Drive our two darling roommates bonkers with our quirky mannerisms and delightful personalities... we think that we are beginning to rub off on them, though they persist in denying it :)