Monday, April 11, 2011

Still I Wonder Why It Is...

Oh, hey... how about some more pictures from a shoot long ago? These were in January and taken by my dear friend Adam. Check out his page HERE . He is totally legit and a blast to work with! I hope to be able to work with him some day soon...

So, how was your day? Anything you are looking forward to this week?

Oh! And we are so close to 100 followers!! Don't you think something cool should happen when we hit triple digits?!?
I do.
I guess we will see what happens! :)

Until next time kids,

Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's Just A Little Bit Of Wackadoo, Really

Hello my dears :)
These pictures are all the way from October! Would you believe I never shared them with you?
My friend Ellie Herringshaw (check her out HERE ) called me up one morning and told me she found this saweet abandoned warehouse and we were to do a photoshoot there. I should wear this dress, make my hair look all crazy, put on that red lipstick, and bring some sass.
So, here is what we got from it. I haven't received copies of the other ones yet... But these are still kind of fun, right? :)

Oh, and how great is this dress? I borrowed it ages ago from a theater company that has since disintegrated... It's appeared onstage in a performance of Footloose, I wore it to sing All that Jazz (from Chicago) for a variety show, and now it's been in a photoshoot. I love the Marilyn Monroe vibe it gives off... and I wonder where it will appear next? :)

Until next time (when we take outfit pictures...)
Jessica :)