Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter Wedding

Today the roomies and I hit the road for a winter wonderland wedding. Although we didn't discuss outfits, we somehow ended up matching! Guess it's that weird telepathic communication thing you get going when you're practically sisters :)

This is the lovely bride...wish I had better shots of her dress, but she was one busy lady!!!

I totally forgot to pack a necklace to wear!!! I threw on some vintage t-straps and 30s-style black hair pins...but without the necklace, I didn't quite manage the antique look I was going for...sad day :(

<3 Cambria

Friday, January 7, 2011

Hello, Dah-ling: Classically Romantic

I wanted to share a little something extra special today, just to help ring in this first week of the New Year...*drum roll*
Classically Romantic!!!

This lovely Etsy shop has all of my favourite things...lace, wax seals, pearls, teacups, ribbons, Scottie dogs, envelopes, keys, bows, kitschy-cute fabric, and plenty of charms and name it, it's part of Classically Romantic jewelry and accessories. The owner of this darling boutique is Anna, a college student and budding artist with a flair for vintage and fashion. I love the unique-ness of her pieces--there's something for everyone whether you want demure, elegant, kitschy, classic, romantic, cute, chic, or vintage!!! Plus, her descriptions are so adorable and fun to read :)

Take, for instance, this bookplate necklace (perfect for Valentine's Day, yes?):

Or how about this clever keyhole necklace a la Alice in Wonderland:

Or even this charming handmade fabric necklace:

Check Classically Romantic out on Etsy or Facebook...I'm sure you'll find something you love :)

<3 Cambria

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Half Italian, Half Polish

Just finished a delicious dinner at Buca di Beppo with the family and my darling fiance. We shared fried mozzarella, baked rigatoni, bread in olive oil, and tiramisu. It was soooooo amazingly delicious! I'm not usually a fan of Italian food...despite the fact that I'm half Italian myself...but this dinner just hit the spot.

In fact, I totally stuffed my face. I hate that expression...but this time, it's true! I was really hungry when we ordered and then that warm, gooey, cheesy, spicy smell just did me in...I must've eaten a pound of pasta just on my own!

I could never diet. I just love all the worst foods, the ones full of oil and starch and sugar! My roommates could tell you that I have a horrible weakness for candy...I've even been called a "hoarder"...which I think is unfair, since I only keep one bag of Tootsie Roll Pops hidden in the back of my desk drawer!

As far as sweet desserts are concerned, however, my very favourite is creme brulee. There just isn't anything better than that crisp, burnt crust of sugar that just disappears on your tongue...except maybe the creamy, thick, sweet custard underneath :)

Obviously I just had dinner. I can't get my mind off you have a favourite meal or dessert???

<3 Cambria

Monday, January 3, 2011

Triple Decker

I'm just dashing out the door...very much in a busy hurry all through break! I did take outfit pics the past couple days, so hopefully I'll have those posted soon :)

Also, this triple-strand necklace is one of my $4 Christmas purchases. I'm so excited to keep wearing it! I have tons of fabulous ideas for how to mix and match it...the colours are just so great.

<3 Cambria