Saturday, May 8, 2010

In other words, I love you...

Nothing really new to's the last weekend before school is out and we are all spending it doing homework and attempting to pack up. Pretty wild, right? I know you were shocked by that statement!
Despite the overwhelming cloud of finals,homework, and moving out we were able to spend some time with delightful friends last night. We played a roaring game of Spoons and watched Cinderella Man... Russell Crowe. Need I say more? It was good fun, although I must admit, walking to our car in the RAIN AND SNOW (yes, I said snow...) was rather disgusting and I would like it if I didn't have to do that again until December. Thank you very kindly.

Okay, back to homework.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Roister Doister 2010

Last night was our lovely Roister Doister theatre gala...Jessica and I had suuuuch fun!!! In fact, Jessica and her acting partner from Neil Simon's "Fools" won the Romeo and Juliet award :) Drayton (the boyfriend) and I got to present awards and hammed it up onstage...The inside jokes throughout the ceremony were delightful! Not to mention our RAD 80s style. Note the matching briliant royal blue and overabundance of gaudy ruffles, sequins, and shoulder pads. Delightful, n'est ce pas?! Personally, I think mine looks like someone styled their prom dress after Swan Lake (I'll let Jess comment on hers!). Anywho, heading to bed before a LONG weekend of studying for finals...night <3

Fill My Heart With Song

Well, last night was the big shin dig! We had a simply wonderful time and I can't wait to post pictures from it! Alas, I left my memory card at home and was unable to take any of my own pictures... shucks. :(

In other news, the weather has been dreadful the last couple days and SNOW (that awful 4-letter word...) is in the forecast for this evening. SNOW. sigh... makes me feel a little ill to be perfectly frank. Also, it makes me want to wear sweatpants and cuddle with a blanket and a cup of earl gray all day... alas, I must be productive and get work done.

You're all beautiful people. Beautiful! And you must leave me now...or I'll cry! Go!

All my love,

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's that time of year...

Please accept our deepest apologies. The end of the year has swallowed us whole and we have been unable to post. Don't fret! We have still been wearing cute outfits...we have just neglected to take pictures of such.
However, the time has come for the annual theater banquet, The Roister Doisters! The pictures above are from last year... The theme is always "Fractured Formal Wear" and it's basically like a "mock Academy Awards." Everyone dresses real sharp and we all go on a river boat down on the river. They feed us, give out awards and we dance the night away.
Cambria and I can hardly wait to reveal this years attire, as it promises to outdo last years...believe it or not. I'll give you a hint about mine... Shoulder. Pads. :)
It's going to be great.
Pictures to come soon!! :)
Much love,