Saturday, May 15, 2010

Summer Lovin'

So, it's officially summer vacation and everyone is moved back into their homes and feeling those "moving-home blues."
Now, I know what everyone must be thinking... what will become of "Two for Tea?!" Cambria and Jessica aren't living will they continue taking pictures of their fabulous outfits?!
We wondered the same thing...
Not to fear! We plan on still trying to take a couple shots each week (remember how my mom is super into this blog? hello new photographer!). While it probably won't be everyday, it will still be some!

This picture was taken yesterday, aka "the dreaded move-out of our apartment day." After a stressful morning of lost keys, vacuums, and other stressful things, we decided the best way to spend the afternoon would be downtown, checking out a bread shop which is conveniently located right next door to a little cheese shop. So, we got a tub of garlic chevre cheese, a few rolls (and a scone for me!), a Pellagrino, and a glass bottle of Coke, and sat outside, and watched the interesting people downtown. It was simply a wonderful afternoon! Let's do it again! :)

Until next time,

Sunday, May 9, 2010

She's Got Whatever It Is...

Hello and Happy Mother's Day! Any moms out there? My mom is quite the avid follower... she thinks we're cute :) Love you mommy! Thanks for your fashion advice! :)
ah...she's great. :)

I know you have seen this outfit before...(maybe? swing dancing? :) )BUT! You haven't seen these SHOES! Check them out. Black, t-strap, kitten heels, Naturalizer brand from....GOODWILL!!! 6 bucks. yes please. :) Cambria found them first, saw they were an 8 1/2 and passed them over to me...good friend that she is :) I could probably sleep in these babies...but, that would be weird and I should probably stick to dancing in them. Anyways, they're pretty great...Also, this outfit...I like it. :) The skirt is just PERFECT for dancing (from Marshalls like 5 years ago...). When I spin in it people have to move out of the's fun. :)

Other than that exciting news...I made Gazpacho with my 15 year old brother, today. He gets 20 extra credit points in Spanish class for making it...and let me tell you. It tastes great. :)
Maybe I'll post a picture of him at a later date...He's a stud. My friend Ellie took our pictures for us to make a photobook from Shutterfly for Mother's Day. She loved it...tears were shed and she is out walking around the neighborhood showing all the other moms how good looking her kids are...sigh.
If you haven't checked out Shutterfly before, you should. It's like...glorified scrapbooking. It's great :), I really need to do homework. story of my life. ugh

Love you!

PS: It was so windy when these pictures were taken! I love the two pictures of Cambria...wind+skirts=always a dangerous time... :)
also kileen thinks the first picture is oddly proportioned. It's sort of true...she says my legs are like "sky-scraper legs"
i'm not sure how i feel about that.