Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yes, He's Mine

So yes, I'm going to be very romantic and narcissistic and post a few shots from the first half of my engagement pictures :) These were taken by the DELIGHTFUL and stellar Miss Ellie of Elisabeth Hope Photography.

We decided to go for a more relaxed look...thus the plaid, loose sweater, boots, and his outfit with a hoodie and light jeans. We took the pictures downtown on a FREEZING cold day!!! By the time we were done, everyone's hands were absolutely frozen. But we found some pretty sweet locations with the "stage door" sign, empty parking lot by the trucking dock, and fun architecture downtown.

I'm excited for the second half of the shoot...we're doing a more classy, vintage theme "all dressed up" in a gorgeous building downtown. Promises to be quite fun!!! More later :)

And I PROMISE...more outfit pics this week!!!
<3 Cambria