Friday, January 28, 2011

Ask and It Shall Be Given

Here are a couple more shots from the photo session last weekend :) Outfit Two--we both went with dark bottoms and mustard-yellow sweaters, but mixed up the way we wore them. Gotta love the vintage props, yes?!

<3 Cambria

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

School Friends and School Books

Here is the first post of awesome pictures, as promised!!! As you can see, Jess and I were in a photo shoot with a fun back-to-school-again vintage theme :) Our photographer Ellie was absolutely, absolutely FANTASTIC...her photography is just incredible, n'est-ce pas?

Til later, lovely reader ladies!!!

<3 Cambria

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Awards, Round Two

I am pleased and rather flattered to announce that Two for Tea has just received our second blog award! Thanks to MinuteObsessions for awarding us with a Stylish Blogger Award!!!

Now for the "seven things" list...which I'm theme-ing to current obsessions:
1. I am currently obsessed with OneRepublic playlists have OneRepublic every other song. I think my roommates might be a little tired of them.
2. My Amazon shopping cart currently contains 20 white ostrich plumes, 12 retro glass ice cream dishes, 100 yards of grey and black grosgrain ribbon, 36 floating tealight candles, and 2 antique wrought iron birdcages. I'm wedding shopping.
3. I just bought a SILKY SOFT boyfriend sweater with raw seaming/edging for $7 from H&M and I'm going to wear it the rest of the week because it's SILKY SOFT. Did I already say that?!
4. At the moment, I'm reading a fabulous mock vintage copy of F. Scott Fitzgerald's short stories. I adore him. I adore him.
5. I am currently reading Sidewalk Ready every single day...just because I think Kayley is amazingly adorable and inspiring.
6. My food of the week has been chicken noodle soup. Below-zero weather does that to ya, I guess.
7. And finally, Thomas Carlyle. I know, you probably have no idea who that is because I'm a total history FREAK. But seriously, he's fascinating. His philosophy of history rocked this world...he is the perfect representation of the religious climate in Victorian Britain...what an amazing writer...aaaaaand I think I should stop. Thanks for overlooking that.

<3 Cambria

P.s. I promised you amazing pics...and they will be up TOMORROW!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

That Will Last Til the End

Just photos today, as I'm working madly on homework today! Wedding planning took over my Saturday so literature, science lab, New Testament history, and Thomas Carlyle in Victorian Britain have officially sacked my Sunday :(

I've picked out wedding music!!! The prelude will be "Claire de Lune" and the processional will be "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring." The recessional will be Ella Fitzgerald's "Love Is Here To Stay." Since we're having a traditional church wedding, I have to pick one congregational hymn: either "Blest Be the Tie That Binds" or "O, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus." Votes, please???

Also, if anybody has further suggestions for very soft romantic classical music for the prelude...let me know :)
<3 Cambria