Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekend School

So this outfit definitely rocks the school look...quite unintended for a weekend...just happened...Does that mean school is weighing too much on my mind???

I think the only conclusion that can be drawn is YES, school rules my life right now...right down to my wardrobe! But in the end, if I'm happy with the result...I'll count it okay :) Besides, this put me in a homework mood.

On another note, these red tights are my new favourite pair. I got them on sale at H&M for $7 (cheap!), but even better they are patterned with HOUNDSTOOTH!!! Rocking awesome.

<3 Cambria

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Your Love is Strong.

This is a really quick post that I'm doing before my class that starts in...6 minutes! Intro to Theater...what a drag.

Here's a question, If you could be doing anything at the moment, what on earth would it be???
Also, tell your best friend about Two for Tea. We're getting closer and closer to 100 followers and that's EXCITING! :)

**Hello again, I have more time now....Shall we continue with a brief discussion on the clothing? :)
Don't mind if I do!

Winter is so tricky...Today was the first day in a looonnng time when I didn't wear boots to class...and I thought my toesies were going to fall off my feet and run away. The poor things were so cold! Also, boots are more practical for icy sidewalks and what not.
I really wanted to wear this outfit with my grey wedge heels...but that would have probably been a very bad idea.
This skirt is great, and it's Cambria's :) I have the same one in navy and our roommate has it in's from H&M and was so cheap!
And the purple shirt... It was suggested I wear more purple as it goes well with my hair? So, here I am, wearing more purple, and loving it! It's just a fun color that brightens up a dreary day. :)
Hope your week is going swell!