Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bobbing for {Russet} Apples

Humm te's been quite the week...getting into the rhythm of another year and season! Dear Jessica has been suffering acutely from Caribou-Drive-In-Backache Syndrome, and I have been constantly and agonizingly inflicted with More-Homework-Than-Fits-My-Schedule-itis. Next week should be better, however, and thus contain more consistent blog posts *moment of embarrassment*

That said, my other and lovely roommate Caitlin and I managed to squeak in a trip to the nearby mall today. When (finally!) an H&M opens in your neighborhood--well, it's an event worth spending your measly two hours of weekend freedom on :) Plus I had a little birthday money, so I replaced my favourite dress (succumbed to a terrible rip last year) with this fall's revamp...*follow this blog and you'll see it soon*

Speaking of this fall, this season's selection at H&M is absolutely fabulous, just let me tell you! Jess, Caitlin, and I--who definitely have varying styles--all fell head over heels for a little russet number. Picture a long-sleeve, silky-soft light-weight sweater with the perfect crew-neck cut and (very British) soft, brown leather elbow patches. To top it all off, said elbow patches were top-stitched. Heaven. *Read those last sentences and tell me you've ever such a highly-concentrated hyphenated vocabulary*

Besides the little russet number, we found some darling ruched-sleeved shirts, big pocket swing skirts, a ballet pink cardigan and some leopard print. In the end, we restrained ourselves (college student budget). But you can see Jess' new skirt in today's outfit pics :D

<3 Cambria

Friday, September 3, 2010

How Adorable...Matching :)

Well, I don't have good pictures of this...the sun-glare on the camera display screen made it hard to see picture quality when we took the shots. Buuuuut in theory they were great photos--especially next to this darling little wrought-iron door! Jess and I didn't INTEND to wear matching clothes today, but we look rather similar :D

We just chilled at a coffee shop (drinking bottomless iced tea) and watched all the "interesting" styles go past...Let me tell you, liberal private colleges make for the best fashion! There is just a demographic of super artsy, chic, retro people who love talking philosophy and world relief while sipping soy lattes and eating goat cheese scones :) Sometime I ought to post creeper pics!!!

Where is your favourite place to people watch?

<3 Cambria

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday...Yes. Sunday.

Well this post finds me in a rather blue mood :( I am currently missing my darling Jessica VERY's really sinking in that she's not my official roommate for the semester. I keep thinking about our outfit convos in the morning, catching meals together during the week, and having homework time and bed chats before falling asleep. Oooooooh it's just not as much fun blogging from two separate computers in two separate rooms in two very separate houses!!!

Anywho, enough from me...who have YOU been missing lately and why?

<3 Cambria
{p.s. One great thing...these earrings!!! I've been dying to wear them and just adore their fun vintage style...girl can't go wrong with pearls, esp for $3}