Sunday, January 31, 2010

Deep Thoughts on a Sunday Evening...

C: Well this is our first blog post. It's not very exciting. But we have high hopes and kite-like dreams!!! One has to start somewhere, and that somewhere is in the living room of our cozy apartment, sitting on the chastity couch and avoiding the inevitable Sunday night homework rush. Ah, Plato, thou hast stolen away mine life...

J: Ah... our first post. This sure is exciting and I eagarly await our next one!As I am writing this, I am consumed with ideas for tomorrow's outfit and taking into consideration the nasty fact that snow is in the forecast. I hope I will not freeze and live to tell about it. And now, I must retreat back to my desk where a paper is anxiously awaiting my return...

Because homework just isn't going to happen at this moment...

5 Things We Would Rather Do Than Homework:
1. Plan trips that are too expensive for our poor college students' wallets (ah, Milan, Paris, London, Cairo, Madrid).
2. Hunt for treasure at the local Goodwill, Savers, or other random thrift shops we stumble upon.
3. Practice dance moves in the living room, regardless of the noise for those on the floors below. Twirly skirts make this even more fun!
4. Use twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties lingo and thereby confuse everyone around us. Golly gee, it's swell.
5. Drive our two darling roommates bonkers with our quirky mannerisms and delightful personalities... we think that we are beginning to rub off on them, though they persist in denying it :)

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  1. Beautiful: styles, photos, blog!