Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Apple crunching and Arguementative Attitudes...

JJJJJJJJJ: {Grey Beret from Love21, Red Tee from Marshalls, Oatmeal Cardigan from Wetseal, Charcoal Skirt from Target, Grey tights from American Eagle,Brown Heels from Payless}
So after yesterday's fail of a photo shoot, we are now experimenting with locations. This is the stairwell of our apartment building, which is usually littered with couples being awkward. Thankfully we had it to ourselves tonight. I had a placement in a classroom so my attire had to look more "professional," but I just hate opting for black pants and a solid color tee. So, I don't! I just love this skirt with my mary janes :) C and I are contemplating going to a lovely coffee shop downtown with our homework and we will probably both be incredibly dorky and slip into our matching sweatpants...

CCCCCCCC: {taupe shirt from Old Navy, black skirt from H&M, black textured tights from Target, oxfords from Payless, Persian scarf from Target, earrings from Express}
I liked to think of tonight's locale as something of a Shakespearean setting...balcony, nighttime, Romeo...you get the idea! Alas, our apartment building is far from the beautiful Italy. But today I couldn't help feeling rather elegant with my soft "oriental" scarf--it's one of my favourite things to wear because it just dresses up any outfit and adds a touch of mystique and class :)

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