Monday, March 8, 2010

Just a few of my favorite things.

Well, it's spring break and I am home, sweet, home. I don't live too far from school, so it isn't a grand event visiting the family and my cozy bedroom. Either way, a break is welcome and I am enjoying the relaxation... and not minding the boring bits (maybe not). That's not to say I wouldn't object to something exciting happening... :)
Anyways, since I'm home, I thought it would be fun to showcase some of my favorite pieces that I have a hard time finding an occasion to wear for, or I just don't ever wear it.
Since I don't have my photographer this week, and I will be wearing my less-than appealing work clothes, I will be spacing these out slightly :)

The Blue Dress: About 4 years ago, my dearest friend Ellie ( a kindred spirit in all things vintage)and I heard about a vintage convention downtown and convinced my mother to drive us down there. Being the poor highschool students that we were, we were limited on what we could even THINK about purchasing...even though we loved just about everything there. Well, Ellie happened upon this blue little number, that looked as though it jumped right off of June Cleaver into the 2000's and she fell in love. Alas, upon trying it on she found it didn't quite fit and like a good friend would do, she insisted I try it on. I resisted, knowing full well how much she loved it and felt that if she couldn't have it, I wouldn't even try it on. She insisted and being the pushover that I am, I tried it on. Lo and behold! It fit. And I was in love. I no longer had a choice. This dress was coming home with me. I came out of that dressing room with it on and because the dealer saw how much I loved it and how well it fit, she gave it to me at a lower price! She was so happy that young people were loving vintage clothing and loved seeing me love it!
Oh, and don't worry, Ellie found an equally (if not more!) darling little blue, floral dress and good times were had by all in our blue dresses :)
Unfortunately, I am no longer the itsy bitsy girl I was 4 years ago and have since gained an inch or two around my waist and the blue dress no longer fits anymore... maybe one day.

and the hot rollers? oh how I love thee. :) These hot rollers belong in a museum. These puppies belonged to my mother when she was in college. I have, probably the biggest and thickest hair you will ever see and these are one of the only things that know how to control it. For show choir we had to sleep in sponge rollers, but for just about every show I have ever been in, these rollers have curled my hair into perfect, smooth, gorgeous curls. They go in and stay in easily and make curls in just about 10 minutes.
There is seriously nothing better. One Christmas, my mother bought me a newer, more modern set. They were miserable. You can't get them in, they don't make good curls, and take forever to heat up.
I dread the day my rollers decide to retire and I have to hunt for a new set. It will certainly be a sad day.

Anyways, hope you enjoy day one of favorite items! Stay tuned for more! :)
Love, Jessie

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