Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The sun's in my heart and I'm ready for love...

mmm my jewelery box. Well, technically it was my mom's, but oddly enough she wasn't too fond of it! I was able to get her to trade her adorable vintage box with my little, sad excuse for a jewelery box. I love jewelery, plain and simple (I suppose I could blame my dear Grandmother Delores for that. She has drawers and drawers of jewelery. It's unreal!)
Pearls before diamonds...always.
Clip-on earrings really are uncomfortable, but so cute! and I can always find them I have a ton!
I also love the way my jewelery looks in the box, on my dresser. It's great. :)

The Gold Dress: This dress doesn't really have any story of grandeur. I found it up north at an antique shop and had to have it. My mother tried to talk me out of it (She's convinced I need more dresses and skirts like I need a hole in the head! Sigh...) Anyways, I bought the darn thing and never had a reason to wear it. It still counts as a favorite thing, and I love it so. :)

Much love!

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