Thursday, April 15, 2010

Even Guys With Two Left Feet...

... Come out alright if the girl is sweet. If by chance their cheeks should meet, while daaaancing! Proving that the best things happen while you dance!

Nothing like some great Irving Berlin lyrics to get one in the mood for a late night of dancing! I'm so excited to go! It's been ages and ages since I have been able to and I have missed it so!

In other news, my roommate and her boyfriend popped in a..."quality" film. Anyone ever see The Pink Panther's Son? Maaaan... the acting, the I said, QUALITY (ahem...)

I must return to my homework!
Lots of love! :)


  1. I love the first outfit! it is so cute!!! where did you get that dress? I've been looking for one like that for ages but I can never find a cute one... and the skirt in the later pics is so adorable!!!


  2. Hi there! Soooo glad to hear that you liked the blog :)
    I bought this dress at Target, actually--only $19 and it comes in six different prints! You should get one for yourself :)

    Have a lovely day, Hayley!