Sunday, April 25, 2010

La Vie en Rose

Has anyone seen the movie Sabrina, starring Audrey Hepburn? It's one of my favorites. There is a scene where she wrote her father from Paris and he is reading what she wrote him. She tells him that someone across the street is playing the song "La Vie en Rose" which, according to her, is the French way of saying, seeing things through rose-colored glasses.
mmm I love that movie. Anyways, I just listened to that song sung by none other than Ella and Louis ;)
it's beautiful, you ought to listen to it now.

The dress I'm wearing in those pictures was a gift from my darling neighbor, Elsie. The other morning, I heard a knock at the door, and it was Elsie holding this dress. She goes, "Hey! I never wear this dress, take it!" and then proceeds to turn around and walk back into her room before I could even bat an eyelash... It's a sweet little sundress that is so comfy and is so easy to wear that I simply cannot for the life of me figure out why she gave it away! Oh well, she won't take it back, and I'm gonna give her a couple skirts from the back of my closet (darling skirts that I just never wear! My mother should be so proud...) so I suppose it will be a fair trade.

Cambria's dress is mildly unique too! Her dress is a maternity dress from the thrift store! Do not be alarmed! She is nowhere near that chapter of her life (although, when she is she will be ready since she owns 2 maternity dresses already... Room to grow!! ;) ) Anyways, eager to try the "floral grunge" look that is back by popular demand this spring, she found this little number and paired it with a belt, and it has quickly become a favorite in her wardrobe. I'd love to borrow it sometime, would be QUITE short on me. woe is me

Speaking of my woes... Any tall girls out there frustrated with the fashion industry currently? All those darling dresses out there, and we simply cannot wear them! Just about every cute dress from Modcloth, Shopruche, Target(!), Forever 21 comes up, about 6 inches above my knee! And I like a shorter dress as much as the next tall girl, but these are just way too indecent. How is one supposed to sit down?!
What's a tall girl to do? :(
Anyone know of any sites that have cute "longer" dresses? By longer, I mean, that hit my knee? I'm just shy of 5' 9" which isn't THAT tall... well, okay, it's tall... but still! I want to wear cute dresses!

that was quite the rant... my apologies!
Hope your Sunday is wonderful! I'm off to get ready for a photoshoot with Cambria's lovely cousin! She's making a "Lookbook" for her photography final! Should be a blast!! :)

Love, Jess!


  1. what a lovely, lovely picture of the two of you on a nice car. could you please say who the photographer might be? I think that person is absolutely great ;)

    you two look very fashionable :)

    --the other C

  2. if you ever feel that you are running out of clothing [which it appears that you never will because you are both so amazingly talented at pairing outfits together], and you need another load of clothes or another body to take pictures of, i'm your girl!

  3. Lauren! What a wonderful idea! As soon as one acts are over we should do a photo shoot with you!!
    Fun! Can't wait! You are a doll! :)

  4. wow! I love love love the new layout! great job girls! see you tonight