Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stars in My Eyes

Well I'm actually posting a pic from Monday night *quelle horreur* This is the outfit I wore to the Film Festival here at school...which was so much fun! Got to see my lovely (and talented) boyfriend win Best Actor, and one of my dear friends win Best Picture! Plus, walking down a red carpet appealed to my inner drama queen ;) Changing subjects altogether, I'm really in the mood to go dancing!!! While I was hanging out during rehearsal tonight, I heard our band playing some darling Big Band music that just made my feetsies itch...alas...Perhaps tomorrow (weather permitting) I'll wear some swingin' style clothes :)

<3 Cambria
{black t-shirt from Jessica's drawer, black Jessica Simpson heels borrowed from a dear friend, bow headband from H&M $4, Express dress $13!!!}

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