Monday, April 12, 2010

Yes, it's true...Jess and I ran out of pics to post and haven't taken one for today! So I'm posting a couple photos from last year around this time, when we went to Spring Banquet together. (Yes, that handsome blonde guy is my boyfriend) :) Hopefully we'll get a couple more pics up tomorrow and the rest of the week. Since Jess stayed up ALL last night working on her homework, who knows whether she'll be awake enough ;) Thankfully I've gotten out of the rut I had with my own homework and I'm unearthing more and more information for my paper on the archaeology of Hazor. Not to mention I'm ready to edit and print my Nazi research paper...and ready to start on my Personal Doctrinal Statement 12-pager. Yes, this week will be long but productive. Speaking of poor boyfriend lost ALL the homework he complete this weekend, including a full short story and his research notes, bibliography, and text for an 8-page paper. Alas. Keep him in your prayers!
<3 Cambria
{black and white sundress from Penney's, black patent leather/fabric peep toe "heedges" from DSW}

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