Friday, May 7, 2010

Roister Doister 2010

Last night was our lovely Roister Doister theatre gala...Jessica and I had suuuuch fun!!! In fact, Jessica and her acting partner from Neil Simon's "Fools" won the Romeo and Juliet award :) Drayton (the boyfriend) and I got to present awards and hammed it up onstage...The inside jokes throughout the ceremony were delightful! Not to mention our RAD 80s style. Note the matching briliant royal blue and overabundance of gaudy ruffles, sequins, and shoulder pads. Delightful, n'est ce pas?! Personally, I think mine looks like someone styled their prom dress after Swan Lake (I'll let Jess comment on hers!). Anywho, heading to bed before a LONG weekend of studying for finals...night <3

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