Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday...Yes. Sunday.

Well this post finds me in a rather blue mood :( I am currently missing my darling Jessica VERY's really sinking in that she's not my official roommate for the semester. I keep thinking about our outfit convos in the morning, catching meals together during the week, and having homework time and bed chats before falling asleep. Oooooooh it's just not as much fun blogging from two separate computers in two separate rooms in two very separate houses!!!

Anywho, enough from me...who have YOU been missing lately and why?

<3 Cambria
{p.s. One great thing...these earrings!!! I've been dying to wear them and just adore their fun vintage style...girl can't go wrong with pearls, esp for $3}


  1. Your jewelry is lovely!

    I'm sorry you're missing her, but at least you two are continuing to blog together :)

  2. Love your outfit and the earrings are fab!

  3. for hair tutorials I have posted some on youtube. It has been quite a while since I've done one though, but maybe they can help.