Friday, September 17, 2010

Tears and Rain (and Wind)

Don't you LOVE that last blooper picture?! So embarrassing, heavens above.

To begin with...exciting news of the day...we won a blog giveaway!!! The lovely Tashrin hosted a giveaway for a quite pretty necklace just a couple weeks ago, and just notified Jess and I that we won :) So you will be seeing that in a future blog post (heavens, so many reasons to stay tuned).

As far as thoughts of the day? I have a couple:

1--Homework is HARD as HECK. Can I just say that again? HARD as HECK.

2--Strengthsfinder told me that my top five are Input, Learner, Intellection, Responsibility, and Context. I'm still trying to figure out what this means, beyond the fact that I'm a hopeless intellectual who isn't grounded in reality and has no hope of a future job. Hey, at least I'm responsible...

<3 Cambria


  1. Well, I guess you're blessed with normal-looking bloopers. When I have a blooper, it is absolutely non-Internet material. Is that the picture I took of your hair? Your bow is very cute :)

  2. The bow in your hair is so cute and I love your boots! Congrats on your winning! So exciting!

    Hope you don't have too much homework this weekend :)