Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm Hungry

Blooper Photo!!!

Real Photos :)

I'm currently contemplating what cheap, quick college meal to make for dinner tonight. Frozen pot-stickers with a side of broccoli? Chicken noodle soup? Bagels and cream cheese with applesauce? Instant oatmeal and scrambled eggs? Nothing sounds good when you have a cold (except I'm weirdly craving Pad Thai).

Sunday today...Sundays always make me slow down and concentrate on my life. Do they do that to you? Sometimes it's good because I'm relaxed and calmed and productive--have time to reflect on the beautifies of existence and the faithfulness of God's love. But sometimes it's actually a downer of a day because I'm alone and studious and introspective--have time to ponder the fears and anxieties that are plaguing my life. That's the wrong attitude and perspective to have, of course, but it's kinda where I'm at today (that and weirdly craving Pad Thai).

Hmmmmmm. What are you having for dinner?

<3 Cambria


  1. You are so cute! I'm sorry you're still sick :(

    I usually feel like that on Sunday mornings at Church but then sometimes it just comes randomly, you know?

  2. I love this outfit!!

  3. I'm craving anything solid because the past week I've been living on applesauce and pudding...

    cute shoes, lady!

  4. That looks too nice to be a blooper! I love the shoes!