Sunday, November 14, 2010

6 of 30: Persian Carpets

I know, I know--I didn't post my 6th outfit on the 6th day. BUT HERE IT IS! Truly!!! I just didn't get around to taking pics yesterday, so I'm posting two outfits today...the one I wore to church and the one I'm wearing to study/shop with my fiance and Jess :)

Pretty much my favourite skirt of all time...I just love the rich, warm, deep reds and blacks and browns. Plus, the fiance thinks it makes me look very exotic and mysterious.

Did I mention it's a Coldwater Creek size 14 skirt I bought at Goodwill for $1.49???!!!! Good ol' DIY and thrifting :)

<3 Cambria


  1. The print is fabulous!!! I always love a great print...and this is perfect!

  2. love this skirt! adorable outfit cambria :)

  3. That is such a nice skirt! I love the colors and pattern :)

  4. Love this outfit The print is fantastic.
    Congrats on finishing your thesis!
    The Auspicious Life