Monday, January 3, 2011

Triple Decker

I'm just dashing out the door...very much in a busy hurry all through break! I did take outfit pics the past couple days, so hopefully I'll have those posted soon :)

Also, this triple-strand necklace is one of my $4 Christmas purchases. I'm so excited to keep wearing it! I have tons of fabulous ideas for how to mix and match it...the colours are just so great.

<3 Cambria


  1. Those boots are amazing! cute outfit! and I can't believe you only paid $4 for that necklace!! Great find!

  2. Lovely outfit! I'm loving the mix of brown black and grey!

  3. I love that top! :)
    And you have such a pretty name!

  4. That is a Fabulous necklace ! This outfit is very chic.

  5. your necklace is such a great deal! i love how you layered here also!

  6. OH I really love this outfit and the playful twirling skirt is just too much fun!

    You could also wear your green tights with this as well, even red tights would be great! This is outfit is so great because there are so many accent colours you can wear.

    And that necklace will take you many places in many great outfits.


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  7. I really like the floral top and the necklace! Very cute outfit:)

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  8. this outfit was wonderful.
    great job with styling it.
    Don't you just love finding things for really cheap?
    It's all that I ever do. I think it's how my closet is so large.

    Love and Such,