Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sweet and Lovely

Meet Nate!
He enjoys throwing baseballs at girls (especially ones who are distracted while playing catch...not speaking from experience...), novel t-shirts, flying kites, eating jell-o, and petting puppies.
He was walking back from lunch with us and we had to feature him on Two for Tea. So, there ya go...Nate. Also, that would be Jesus smiling on his shirt. There was much speculation on who it might be... but it is in fact, Jesus.

Today was sunny. And oh, so gorgeous...However, the sun made picture taking a little challenging... Sorry, Cambria, for the "not ready" picture... :/

Doesn't she look great though? She's especially dolled up today because her play is opening tomorrow night!!! It's tradition in the theater department to dress snazzy on opening night, but since we don't have class tomorrow, the "look really great day" got pushed to today! I am so excited to see her perform tomorrow!!

I'm watching You've Got Mail and feeling warm and fuzzy...this and Singing in the Rain are my "happy movies" :)

What's your happy movie?



  1. You two are so cute - and what a fun blog! I totally get the needing a fun creative outlet!
    Much love,

  2. Love you ladies! I enjoy watching You've Got Mail whenever it's a dark rainy day, it's just the perfect combination!

  3. I love Jesus! hehe.
    I laughed while reading this. I haven't seen You've Got Mail in a while. I feel like it is the sequel in a way to Sleepless in Seattle haha. Love these outfits!!
    My happy movie. . hmm probably Only You <3 it's such a great movie. that or Chances Are.

  4. I love jesus too nate hahaha he sounds like a nice guy (I like petting puppies). I love the curly hair...and the cute flower in it:)