Friday, December 17, 2010

Out of My Mind (but in the Office)

ALERT--My brain is absolutely dead! I've just finished up finals this week (lots of memorizing and crampy wrists from writing)...and over the past three days have put in about 22 hours of TA work. I'm posting some rather narcissistic "in the office" posts today, since I'm just sitting her grading. But you can kinda see my cute plaid dress :)

I have seen so many grade percentages, I'm dreaming in numbers :D On the plus side, however, my brain is also chock-full of swell historical information:

Bach's primary musical instrument to play was actually the organ.

The most powerful Ancient Assyrian queen was Semuramat, who ruled for her husband Shamshi-Adad V and her son Adad-Nirari III...get a load of those names!!!

Anne Boleyn refused to be the mistress of Henry VIII...which probably was the reason he decided to marry her...and later behead her.

Edith Wharton writes the most masterful social commentary in her novel, The Age of Innocence (gorgeous costumes in the movie, too!!!).

The Russian word for excellent is "molodyetz" :)

Have you learned anything new recently?!

<3 Cambria


  1. your'e too cute cambria! LOVE the tights! thanks a lot henry VIII...anne seemed like a cool girl. <3

  2. Aww, you're adorable! Your dress is so cute!!


  3. Anne Boelyn... have you seen the HBO show The Tudos? Such an amazing show! I just finished up finals this week as well, and I graduated too! Hope you did a good job with all your finals :)

  4. Oh okay, I see you're now my 48th follower! Thank you! Great outfit and you know a lot of random facts! I didn't know Anne Boleyn refused to be Henry's mistress..huh (we were just learning about them in MY history class!)