Friday, February 5, 2010

Etsy, Modcloth, and Other Vintage Musings

Decided not to upload pics of purchases we made today, J from Etsy and C from Modcloth (first order! so excited!). We also came across a DREADFUL dress that just defies description--and, in all honesty, we're both dying to have it! If only money grew on trees and we could justify spending it on gold lame and lace ;)

C bought the Swing Your Partner Dress from Modcloth, has been dreaming up ways to wear it.
J bought two darling vintage skirts which she doesn't have pictures of right now. More to come later!

On another note, we're eagerly anticipating a swing dancing trip's been far, far too long since these girls have gotten their vintage moves on, so 'twill be loads of fun :) We'll post photos of our (hopefully adorable) outfits and maybe catch a couple action shots!

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