Monday, March 1, 2010

If the nightingales could sing like you, they'd sing much sweeter than they do...

mmm love me some Mr. Sinatra on sunny afternoons :)
mostly I love anything on sunny afternoons and dare I say that spring has arrived? It has been a long time coming and truth be told...I'm rather tired of wearing tights and my winter pea coat. I'm also sick of my pasty looking skin but that's another story...let's just say that spring and summer will be welcomed with open arms :)
In other news, I'm on a bit of a "plaid kick" currently. This top is one of my purchases from the other day. I still not really sure how I feel about it and how to wear it...although I like it with the skirt. I really love the 40's feel that the skirt has (it's just from Target!) with the ankle socks and the ruffly plaid top...not too bad, eh?
And in other OTHER news, Caribou has discontinued their Green Jasmine Tea and I'm pretty down in the dumps over this. It was so tasty iced! sigh...bad move Caribou...bad move. :(
Jessica signing out.
{Red clip-on earrings from..who knows where?! thrifted plaid blouse, charcoal gray skirt from Target, cream anklets from C, black heels from Goodwill}

C: At the moment (don't tell Jess!) I'm a practicing Benedict Arnold...more clearly stated, I ditched Caribou to study at Dunn Bros. tonight :) They made my new favourite drink, the name of which escapes my mind and thus I call an Austrian Soda. Basically espresso, soda water, and cream with or without a flavour shot. Yummmm, carbonated coffee!
I'm actually taking a study break at the moment, having just come from my night class philosophy final *cheers* I love digging into a good book when I have the spare moment, and this time it's Henry James' The Other well as an issue of Artifax (can't help being a history geek, even in spare time). Excellent choices thus far :)
On another note, I'm really looking forward to the end of this week! The girls and I are going to spend Friday at the Mall of America (as I mentioned before) and I'm hoping to grab some cute, unique, fun summer needs. We shall see.

{Express jeans $10, plum dolman sweater $4, gifted AE pearls, Forever21 vintage ring $3, Target socks $1, Penney's brown mary janes $10}

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