Saturday, February 27, 2010

All my pictures seem to fade to black and white...

C: Since J posted on her style influences yesterday, I thought I'd add to that discussion. Although honestly that might be tricky, since I don't think I have anything or anyone in particular that I consider an influence! I've always loved Audrey's fashion, tis true, and I've given her a nod here or there :) But I tend to just pick up inspiration when I'm walking down the street, pass a shop window at the mall, see an old 40s film, stroll through an art museum, etc. I just like certain colours, shapes, textures, and patterns and I've learned to love experimenting with layers. I like my clothes/accessories to be unique, to resemble somehow the flavour of some bygone era. I usually opt for something elegant and sophisticated, a la Audrey...or something sweet, soft, and feminine. I think the things I've learned to notice (and care most about) are details--sometimes just the shape of a couple buttons will make or break a blouse for me :)

{Target tiny-pocket lilac boyfriend tee, Target (kids!) royal blue ribbed, lacey camisole, Express boyfriend jeans, Target bow socks, Payless patent leather loafers, Wet Seal silver bow necklace}

Hello there!
What a lovely Saturday it is today! I am sitting in a coffee shop downtown, up in the loft- which happens to be the best place to "people watch" (glorified creeping...probably one of my favorite ways to waste time :) )and it is a great time! I just finished my yummy rose lemonaid and working on trying to finish some homework...story of our life.
True confession: the photo posted of me is not actually what I am wearing today! *gasp!* It's actually an outfit I wore to placements for one of my education classes. It is definitely a "teacher" outfit. ;)
I really love that scarf, although I find it tricky to wear with things. It is HUGE and sometimes can feel a tad overwhelming...
oh well, I still wear it and love it :)

Now, get off this blasted internet and do something fun and exciting today!


+Grey oxford cardigan from American Eagle, purple and khaki plaid scarf from American Eagle, white tee from Target, khaki skirt from Target, black tights from Target, black heels from Goodwill+

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