Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wishin' and hopin' and thinkin'...

Posting quite late tonight due to the homework load and activity load of the day. I'm excited that I've finally finished my research on Stanley Milgram--the man who (literally and figuratively) shocked the world :D As much as I enjoyed researching and learning, I really hated wading through psycho-babble! So now I guess I turn my mind toward wading through excavation-babble...trying to tackle (you guessed it) another research paper. Who said English majors are the ones who learn to write?!
<3 Cambria
{Plaid shirt from Penney's $3, Express ReRock jeans $10, Target tank top $2, thrifted vintage belt $1, gray Old Navy cardigan $12}

So, I'm wondering how one gets followers for their blog? Do we force kids to do it? Bribe them? Make false accounts and followers? I'm just wondering...
This outfit was perfect for today's weather and my mood! I recently purchased this blouse from the clearance rack at Heritage 1981 and I'm a pretty big fan of it:) oh! and this skirt? It's American Eagle from Goodwill... Have I mentioned my love for a good thrifting experience? It's true. I love it :)

Okay, well...I'm off to read Kileen's paper for her and then to get some beauty sleep!
Follow us kids!! :)
Love, Jess

{thrifted Khaki skirt from AE, floral blouse from H81,cream peep-toe flats from Target, Blue tank from Target.}

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  1. Cambria, I love those jeans with those gorgeous shoes! And Jess, your top is too adorable. I DO love a good thrifting experience...