Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Skinnamarinky Dinky Dink...

Tonight is filled with fun plans...and I dressed accordingly today :) Jess, a group of our friends, and I are attending a campaign fundraiser for her county sheriff uncle. Italian restaurant, enjoyable company, chance to dress up--what more could you ask?! The night only gets better afterword, since my Significant Other and I have another play rehearsal and study plans :) Yay! Every hour I'm closer to whipping out those Nazi Germany books and digging in...

<3 Cambria, campaigner extraordinaire
{thrifted dress, beige anklets from Target, lace cami from Target, belt from Forever21, brown Mary Janes from Penney's}

oh, hi there!
This dress was found on an outing to Goodwill last September. Cambria picked it up first and didn't like how it fit her, so I tried it on and fell in love! :) What I love most is that it's homemade! What's not to love?! I am really hoping to pick up some more sewing this summer. I have a beautiful sewing machine that has not be used enough...I'm dreaming of sweet skirts and dresses...mmm. :)
The campaign kick-off was a success...who doesn't love shaking hands and meeting new people? And it comes around every four years! good times! :)
okay! Back to business!

:Taupe long-sleeve tee from Target, thrifted dress, brown ballet flats from Payless, thrifted cream belt:

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