Thursday, March 4, 2010

She's got a ticket to ride...

The truth is, I'm a bit nuts for music...hence the song title lyrics. I realize they are mostly really random and perhaps a tad puzzling, but they usually have some sort of significance. Sometimes, I'm listening to a song and I think about how much I like how that one line sounds, or I think the lyrics are really sweet, or sometimes it describes my mood at the time. I always have some kind of music playing, whether it is coming through my computer (iTunes or Pandora...mmm...), my iPod, or just the random music playing in my's the soundtrack of my life!
I'm always loving some jazz (Ella, Louis, Duke, Frank, Michael are just a few of the staples I adore), but I also have a huge weakness for cheesy musical soundtracks. You also could find a large collection of Relient K, Switchfoot, and Fm static and oh! One of my really favorite groups right now= Needtobreathe. Seriously, go listen to them right now. It's love. Anyways, my point is that I have a wide assortment of music...and I am always on the hunt for new stuff. :)
OK. Clothes. This style outfit is seriously my favorite right now and is my current go-to outfit. You can't really go wrong with jeans, flats, solid-color tee and a cardigan and the beauty of it is that you can switch it up by adding a scarf, sneakers, hat, or necklace! I love it and have been rocking it whenever I can. :)
Signing out,
{Brown chunky-knit cardigan from Target, Taupe long-sleeve tee from Target,beaded necklace from great-grandma, red belt from grandma delores, Express boyfriend jeans, brown ballet flats from payless}

C: Aside from the fact that I just had to say goodbye to my darling Boyfriend, today looks like it's going to be swell! I slept in, I have no homework, I don't have to go to a single class, and I'm anticipating a coffee shop adventure :) Does life get any better? Only if you have books, art, everything classic--and rest assured, I just got a new volume of poetry, another Henry James novel, and a new artsy Audrey Hepburn photo calendar! Ma cherie mere brought me a lovely little gift yesterday that brightened my week...the calendar and a vintage purse covered with pearls. Will post photos soon :)

{burgandy crinkled Forever21 empire-waist dress, AE gray shawl-collar cardigan, brown Target ribbed camisole, brown Target pattern-knit knee socks, gifted gray tights, Wet Seal brown boots, Modcloth kitty-cat pendant necklace}

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