Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Today we will wander and enjoy...

Well, one final done!! And while everyone else is celebrating the end of the quad, I am finishing two more finals...thank you Education Department.
The temperature continues to climb, along with my desire to wear spring clothes! However, 40 degrees is still not quite warm enough for darling skirts (no tights!, sandals, light blouses and no coat! Although there is certainly something to be said for the midwesterner this time of year... only here you can find folks wearing shorts, capris, and sweatshirts in 40-50 degree weather! It's like, once they see the snow melting, they feel it's okay to whip out the summer clothes (and freeze!!). It sure is amusing to watch :)
(Plaid button-down from C, skinny jeans from AE, brown ballet flats from Payless, gifted earrings, pin from greatgrandma:) )

Not feeling like writing much today...I have three finals ahead and a bunch of studying! Fortunately (or blessedly, as I like to say), I love Nazi Germany and Philosophy so at least the subject matter is engaging. And it will feel soooo good to turn in my final copy of my Plato's "Symposium" paper :) I'm quite proud of those results.
{plaid vintage shirt from J's closet, black patterned knit skirt from H&M, black rib-knit tights from Target, black loafers from Payless, white belt}

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