Friday, March 26, 2010

Sunshine, gives me a lovely day...

Hello Hello!
Today was nice and sunny so we thought we would try our hand at outdoor shots. We need to experiment with lighting and location but, hey it was our first time! :) I guess I don't have anything reallllly interesting to talk Does anybody besides my mom and roommates even read this thing and care about whether I have something to ramble on about?

Lucky for you- I like rambling, so here we go! :)

Today I woke while it was still dark out, went and nannied 3 adorable little rascals and then skipped my first class. I thought I would go to Byerly's to see if they had any yummy samples and maybe find something to purchase. Sampled a pasta thing and a weird horseradish pickle. Also, it was like "Senior Citizen Day" or maybe the elderly just really like to go grocery shopping during the day. So I enjoyed watched all the old folk. I bought a water bottle, Craisens, and these new Wheatables Nut Crisps with Roasted Almonds. yummmmm. I could probably eat the whole box. :)Oh! I also bought the newest edition of InStyle which has a lot of crazy stuff in it.
Then I went to class and went to check my mail box...nothing in it. People,people, people... send me some mail!!! :)
Then I came back to my room, read InStyle, made a pot of coffee, konked out on my couch before said pot of coffee was down brewing and now here I am, sitting on the couch, munching on the crackers,sipping my coffee, blogging and sort-of watching Dr. Phil (on mute.).
Whew...what a day, right?
Anyways, I love you all,

**Oatmeal sweater from Khols(?), cream t-shirt from H81,thrifted brown floral wrap skirt from Cambria's closet, tan ankle socks from Cambria, brown Mary-Janes from Payless, and pearls from mother?**

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