Saturday, March 27, 2010

Not sure why I love this place so much..

So, it's Saturday morning and I am sitting in a Caribou near my house. This coffee shop is oozing with memories and I love and hate it. I spend the majority of my summers here whether I was working early mornings, meeting a friend or two, or just wasting time. Almost everyone I know has entered through one of the two doors and I am sure to bop into one of them, at any given time. I'm not entirely sure why it has become such a hot spot of mine. Perhaps it is the "second-home" feel of it...or maybe the 30% discount I get because I work here... but I do know that it isn't the same Caribou as two years ago... and I don't appreciate change. My life is sooo rough. :P

Last night I had a dance rehearsal that was so wonderful! Have I told you that I love to dance? It does my heart good :)
After rehearsal, a dear friend joined me for a Rogers and Hammerstein flick (Carousel to be exact!) and it was most enjoyable... :)
And now I am off to get my haircut fixed... here's hoping it goes better than last week!!
I love this outfit and it's 70's vibe... I'm not actually wearing it today though... it's a tad too chilly for it. But I can't wait for summer to wear it (and I love yellow with a slight tan!). The one problem with summers is that I don't share a closet with Cambria and my wardrobe is downsized slightly...
Which is most unfortunate.

Ta Ta for now!
{Yellow gingham blouse from Delia's, jean skirt from Target,peep-toe flats from Target, leather woven belt from Cambria's side of the closet, white flower clip from who knows where?!)

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