Monday, March 22, 2010

The Weather Outside is Frightful...

Well it's just a huge bummer that I walked outside today and it felt somewhat like winter bare legs today! Jess and I both put on jeans and I even opted for darker colours (but notice the purple!). Classes were just as gloomy today...why is it that sometimes you love a class and sometimes you just hate it? Today they just seem to drag on and on. But enough sad nonsense! I'm quite excited for tonight because I have read-through for the one-act show I just got cast in on Friday--lovely friends to work with, fascinating play to explore. With that, I'm off to Nazi Germany (figuratively, at least).
<3 Cambria
{flowered button-down from H&M, boyfriend skinnies from Rerock for Express, thrifted vintage bow shoes, purple boyfriend tee from Target, gifted onyx necklace}

well, hello there!
I must say I disagree with Cambria here. I thought the weather was quite lovely today! Of course, a tad warmer wouldn't have hurt anybody...but I am not complaining!
Hmmm...what is there to write about? well, I'm also in a one act!! And thrilled to pieces about it! Rehearsals start tomorrow night and will begin to consume a good chunk of my free time, but I adore working on projects such as this :) hmm..anything else? ohhh...I got a haircut on saturday...and am currently regretting it. Not exactly what I was hoping for. Oh well, C'est la vie! :)
on a side note (well, kinda), what is with us midwesterners and chatting about the weather? I feel like we go on an on about it...but I suppose it really dictates how we dress.
So, anyways.
Hope you are keeping it real, cyberspace! :)

{Grey t-shirt from Marshalls, American Eagle skinny jeans and leather belt, scarf from my mom's closet, white peep-toe flats.}

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