Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh, We’ll Fill the Metro Skies with Country Air

As I write, I'm listening to the live version of Coldplay's "Yellow" on my Pandora station. I just don't understand the appeal of recorded "live" music. Who wants to listen to strangers squealing (or, dear heaven, singing) through their favourite song? Why do some enjoy lyrical and musical deviations from their proclaimed favourite songs (doesn't that defeat the reason they liked the song in the first place)? And as for the eternal instrumental portions added in...well, one can only listen to a song for so long, in my opinion. Perhaps someone can enlighten me :)

On another note (Coldplay live aside), I had a delicious lunch today, thanks to my darling cousin Anna :) We went to her college cafeteria together and had stir fry (mine was shrimp!)and then I had some pita bread and hummus. Yes, too many ethnically diverse foods for one meal, I admit--but sooo tasty. That lunch kinda defines my life, actually...I'm eclectic because my decisions aren't based on normalcy or tradition or probably anything very integrated. I just know what I believe, what I want, and what I've evaluated from around me. Whatever I choose ends up being a blend of all of that...with unique results sometimes :)

Which might explain why I eat stir-fry and hummus pitas...or why I love cheese but hate cheddar...or why I don't like chocolate but adore chocolate soy milk...or why I like to eat healthy but can't stay away from fruit candy...or why my closet contains such a hodgepodge!!!

[dress from H&M, tank top from Penney's, red polka-dot shoes from Kohl's, bow hair clip from H&M]


  1. cambria, how I miss thee

  2. cute blog!
    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)

  3. Gee, I just LOVE this background...wherEVER did you go?? That first pose did end up being kinda cute after all. I should know not to doubt you :)