Friday, May 21, 2010

Well perhaps darling Miss Jess isn't going to keep up her end of the blogging deal?! Alas, her days are so filled with pleasure reading and soaking up the sun...Ha, although today there isn't a glimpse of sunshine anywhere. Thus the pathetic indoor photos outside my make-shift summer room at home. It's actually quite wonderful up here in the attic...My bed, desk, and portable/collapsible wardrobe are all hung with sheets for more privacy--like a fort! I've got a couple posters waiting to be hung on the sloped ceiling, and a lovely array of books and old mugs on my shelving unit. And of course, I have my little box of "memorobilia" (sp?) and letters from my sweetheart <3 I miss him...and Jess...sigh, summer isn't as excellent as one would think.

Love <3 Cambria
{gifted floral/lace tunic FROM PARIS!!!, tan linen shorts from Forever21, vintage leather belt from Goodwill, lacey socks from free bag, vintage sandals from Goodwill}


  1. oooo lala! paris!

  2. OOOoo nice, Paris! Who brought you that? They're making me look bad... ;)