Sunday, July 4, 2010

Travel Light (and Vintage)

Alright, here are some uploads from Phase 2 of our photo shoot...this time, pics of moi :) I happen to think these are the best pictures ever taken of me and I'm soooooo grateful to have them! I don't often like myself photographed.

And of course that darling suitcase of J's really adds a LOT of character! I'm thinking I'd like to do this whole vintage photo shoot thing again it's just to puzzle through outfit choices again!


  1. you are very lovely, cambria dear. I'm so happy to have you as a roommate :)

  2. I think that hat looks familiar ;)

  3. hi there ladies just found you via chictopia. love this photoshoot!! the 3rd photo is very sweet.
    following you.

  4. Dear lovely ladies,

    I saw your photos on Weardrobe and was enamored. I am officially jumping on your follower bandwagon.

    Would really appreciate if you have a look at my blog in your free time and would be dancing with joy if you decide to return the favour.